President Trump Literally Just Put The Stock Market BEFORE American Citizens

President Trump may have rang the bell at the stock market top. What was he supposed to make great again? Wall Street? 

Priorities. Everybody’s got ’em, and everybody shows just where they lie.

Case in point:

We the people kind of look like an afterthought, don’t we?

Last friday we highlighted the fact that President Trump Tweeted about the markets and the economy every single day last week. On some days he tweeted about the markets several times per day.

We know the one thing President Trump has never tweeted about: Gold.

Even if he understands that gold is money:


Nonetheless, the President might have just doomed the stock market, regardless of where anybody thinks President Trump’s loyalties are.

Here’s more from Greg Guenthner:

As luck would have it, trading started with a bang. But the stock market’s big move fizzled as the day wore on. By the closing bell, only the Dow remained positive. The S&P 500 finished the day just barely in the red. But the Nasdaq rolled over, dropping more than 1% to begin the trading week.

So much for the stock market’s big day…

And for anybody who missed it, here’s Candidate Trump on the same exact stock market bubble that he now cheer-leads and pumps on the daily:

If there is any such thing as a social conscience, sooner or later a light bulb will turn on inside of it and the President’s supporters will understand that Wall Street certainly is great again while Main Street may just get a crumb or two, but only as an after thought.

And that’s not me just saying that.

President Trump just signaled his intentions himself.

Stack Accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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