President Trump Takes A Chainsaw To The Iran Deal And The Markets Go On A Roller Coaster Ride

President Trump is terminating U.S. participation in the Iran deal. Here’s an update as it relates to politics, geo-politics, and the markets…

It’s was difficult choice either way.

With John Bolton staring down the president as the President made the announcement:

We have the Deep State neocons and war hawks who are glad to see the deal being torn up.

Recall that on Saturday, President Trump’s newest team member, Rudy Giuliani, showed what President Trump would do to the Iran deal.

(Spoiler alert: tear it up and spit on it):

But on the other hand, if President Trump were to keep the U.S. in the Iran deal, which Greg Hunter says wasn’t even an real deal since Iran never signed it, then President Trump would be giving into the globalist agenda, pushed in part by France, Germany, and the U.K.

It’s really one of those “danged if you do, danged if you don’t” decisions.

On the surface, it’s an America First decision, but that stands only if we don’t demand regime change and start another Middle Eastern War.

Hopefully, from an America First, non-interventionist point of view, President Trump sticks to his Candidate Trump guns:

And I say that as an U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran.

But regardless the “for”, “against”, or “indifferent”, and putting politics and geo-politics aside, President Trump just announced that he is ending the Iran Nuclear Deal, and you can watch it right here, conveniently started from when the President walks into the room:

Gold and silver initially rose, then fell, then rose, then fell, then rose again:

The markets really don’t know what to make of the announcement yet.

Fundamentally speaking, if anything, this creates more geo-political tension and uncertainty in the world, and gold and silver thrive off of uncertainty, so pulling from the deal would be bullish for gold & silver.

Crude Oil is on the rise post-announcement after some confusion:

The fundamental reasoning for crude’s rise in price is that withdrawing from the deal will increase geo-political tensions, and that could could possibly escalate to war and/or crude oil supply disruptions, all of which would lead to higher oil prices.

Post announcement, the US Dollar and the Dow are one hot mess:

The dollar initially dropped, then convulsed back to “unch”, and the Dow is down somewhat post announcement, and so far down about 100 points on the day.

And the market confusion is only beginning, because as U.S. markets are still open, but that is not the case in the rest of the world, which will have their own political, geo-political, and market reactions, all of which could lead to another roller coaster ride.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


Editor’s Note

Here is the written statement in its entirety as posted on

President Donald J. Trump is Ending United States Participation in an Unacceptable Iran Deal

PROTECTING AMERICA FROM A BAD DEAL: President Donald J. Trump is terminating the United States’ participation in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran and re-imposing sanctions lifted under the deal.

  • President Trump is terminating United States participation in the JCPOA, as it failed to protect America’s national security interests.
  • The JCPOA enriched the Iranian regime and enabled its malign behavior, while at best delaying its ability to pursue nuclear weapons and allowing it to preserve nuclear research and development.
  • The President has directed his Administration to immediately begin the process of re-imposing sanctions related to the JCPOA.
  • The re-imposed sanctions will target critical sectors of Iran’s economy, such as its energy, petrochemical, and financial sectors.
    • Those doing business in Iran will be provided a period of time to allow them to wind down operations in or business involving Iran.
  • Those who fail to wind down such activities with Iran by the end of the period will risk severe consequences.
  • United States withdrawal from the JCPOA will pressure the Iranian regime to alter its course of malign activities and ensure that Iranian bad acts are no longer rewarded.  As a result, both Iran and its regional proxies will be put on notice.  As importantly, this step will help ensure global funds stop flowing towards illicit terrorist and nuclear activities.

IRAN’S BAD FAITH AND BAD ACTIONS: Iran negotiated the JCPOA in bad faith, and the deal gave the Iranian regime too much in exchange for too little.

  • Intelligence recently released by Israel provides compelling details about Iran’s past secret efforts to develop nuclear weapons, which it lied about for years.
    • The intelligence further demonstrates that the Iranian regime did not come clean about its nuclear weapons activity, and that it entered the JCPOA in bad faith.
  • The JCPOA failed to deal with the threat of Iran’s missile program and did not include a strong enough mechanism for inspections and verification.
  • The JCPOA foolishly gave the Iranian regime a windfall of cash and access to the international financial system for trade and investment.
    • Instead of using the money from the JCPOA to support the Iranian people at home, the regime has instead funded a military buildup and continues to fund its terrorist proxies, such as Hizballah and Hamas.
    • Iran violated the laws and regulations of European countries to counterfeit the currency of its neighbor, Yemen, to support the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Quds Force’s destabilizing activities.

ADDRESSING IRANIAN AGGRESSION: President Trump is committed to ensuring Iran has no possible path to a nuclear weapon and is addressing the threats posed by the regime’s malign activities.           

  • President Trump will work to assemble a broad coalition of nations to deny Iran all paths to a nuclear weapon and to counter the totality of the regime’s malign activities.
    • Nations must work together to halt the Iranian regime’s destabilizing drive for regional hegemony.
      • In Syria, the Iranian regime supports the Assad regime and is complicit in Assad’s atrocities against the Syrian people.
      • In Yemen, the regime has escalated the conflict and used the Houthis as a proxy to attack other nations.
      • In Iraq, Iran’s IRGC sponsors Shia militant groups and terrorists.
      • In Lebanon, the Iranian regime enables Hizballah to play a highly destabilizing role and to build an arsenal of weapons that threatens the region.
    • The Administration’s actions are directed against the malign behavior of the Iranian regime, not against the Iranian people, who are the regime’s longest-suffering victims.
  • President Trump is making clear that, in addition to never developing a nuclear weapon, the Iranian regime must:
    • Never have an ICBM, cease developing any nuclear-capable missiles, and stop proliferating ballistic missiles to others.
    • Cease its support for terrorists, extremists, and regional proxies, such as Hizballah, Hamas, the Taliban, and al-Qa’ida.
    • End its publicly declared quest to destroy Israel.
    • Stop its threats to freedom of navigation, especially in the Persian Gulf and Red Sea.
    • Cease escalating the Yemen conflict and destabilizing the region by proliferating weapons to the Houthis.
    • End its cyber-attacks against the United States and our allies, including Israel.
    • Stop its grievous human rights abuses, shown most recently in the regime’s crackdown against widespread protests by Iranian citizens.
    • Stop its unjust detention of foreigners, including United States citizens.


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