President Trump Just TRIPLED DOWN On HIS Massive Stock Market BULL

Somehow, the big, fat, ugly bubble is ready to absolutely surge higher from here. But President Trump gives a caveat…

First, there’s this:

Fast forward to today:

The big, fat, ugly bubble is nothing but sheer awesomeness now. Hmm. Curious. And unemployment is the lowest in 16 years, as if those numbers reflect reality, which John Williams of Shadow Stats has shown time and time again that they don’t. Furthermore, If the U.S. is not in recession, wouldn’t it stand to reason that the low unemployment rate would peak just before entering one?

That’s not all the President is hyping today:

Now, we’re not exactly sure how both the stock market and the unemployment numbers are going to simultaneously grow by leaps and bound, but we’ll give our wise leader the benefit of the doubt. There’s a caveat there. The stock market and the unemployment rate will grow only if congress gives massive tax cuts, topped with reform. On second thought, there can be no benefit if doubt. We’ll assume a typo…

And still, that’s not all the President is hyping in the markets today:

We can no longer give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. All mainstream media pumps this FrankenMarket on life support. It is only those shunned from the mainstream who call it like it is: Still a big, fat, ugly bubble.

Just don’t show him this chart: