President Trump Has The New World Order Pushing Globalists FREAKED OUT

As President Trump and Patriots understand it as ‘self-evident truth’, this America First has the globalists more than a little freaked out. Here’s why…

Alex Newman interviewed by Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog

The target of the globalists is America, and the number one target is “America First” Donald Trump. Award winning journalist Alex Newman, who is a patriot, says, “This has come through loud and clear, and they have made clear America, as we patriots understand it with “self-evident truth” and our Founders said we were “all created equal” and “we were endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights,” is not going to fly with their little vision of a New World Order. They need to eliminate that idea, and they make very clear they are coming after that. What we see in their actions and what we see in their words is they are trying to break down this idea of America. . . . It’s very clear their vision for the New World Order is totalitarian to the core. . . .They really can’t stand this whole agenda articulated by President Trump. We are going to put America first. We are going to stop globalism. We are going to get out of these so-called trade deals that undermine our sovereignty. You can tell they are freaking out about this, and it came through in the speeches at the World Government Summit most recently.”

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