BAM! Peak Trump Strikes Again: President Creates Brand New Council For American Workers

Fresh off the presses, there is a brand new government council, and it’s all about “pledging opportunities” to America’s workers. Here are the details…

Editor’s Note: This is an opinion about the state of the economy of the United States in general, and how the President is handling our economy specifically.


Peak Trump.

Anybody who reads my work understands my theory.

Here it is in action:

Now, after seeing that Tweet, imagine how many people just thought, “Yeah, President Trump is really killing it! I’m getting tired of all this winning!”.

Sweet video too:

I must say, as somebody who is critical of the economic policy of the President, mainly because he is a Gold Bug yet does nothing to get the us back in line with the constitutional requirement of a bi-metallic gold & silver standard, I was certainly impressed after seeing that video.

Inspired even.

Oddly, The Trump Organization LLC didn’t make a pledge.

That’s nearly 22,500 current employees, which is no small potatoes, and we know the President conducts official government business at Mar-A-Lago, and loves a free plug for anything with the Trump brand associated with it, so it can’t be a conflict of interest:

Think about it, the Trump Organization LLC would be the smallest size business making a pledge.

Surely others of less than 25,000 employees would follow suit.

Hmmm, but the organization is missing.


Now, Ol’ Half Dollar’s been around more than a few blocks. In fact, yes, the rumor is true – in 2001 I worked on the Job Corps National Hotline (private company with the Federal contract) where high-school drop-outs watching Maury Povich would see these whiz-bang commercials about going to a vocational training school, for free, room and board paid for, with job placement services, and lifetime friendships to boot!

Now, please excuse me if this seem cynical or sarcastic, and please try to understand the point-of-view I’m bringing into this critique.

One quick trip to the White House web page which contains the “pledge” will show that most of the pledges, which aren’t “jobs” pledged, just “new opportunities”, shows, in fact, the majority come from companies and associations such as:

  • Walmart (1,000,000 opportunities pledged)
  • National Retail Federation (250,000 opportunities pledged)
  • National Restaurant Association (369,975 opportunities pledged)

Anybody who understands the job market understands that these are low-paying, part-time jobs.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, you’re wrong! Some companies that offer great paying jobs are pledging opportunities to American workers!”.

You’re right, and yes I am wrong.

Microsoft does pledge 10,000 opportunities, and not to be out-pledged, General Motors does pledge 10,975 opportunities, so yeah, there are some really nice paying actual opportunities being pledged from big time American companies.

The list is few and far between.

Here’s some more highlights from the White House pledge page (bold and bold italics for emphasis):

The economy has come roaring back to life under President Donald J. Trump. In May, unemployment fell to 3.8 percent—its lowest level in nearly 50 years. Optimism among employers, particularly manufacturers and small businesses, has reached historic highs in the 6 months since tax reform became law.

Again, Trump supporters and apologists say that he’s setting the Fed up to take the fall when the economy collapses, but the more one looks at it, it certainly looks like the President is taking credit for all of this, and need I remind everybody how many times the President called out the phony unemployment rate?

Thankfully I don’t have to, CIA Deep State rag WAPO does it conveniently for us (spoiler alert, it was 19 times).

I have said this before as to why gold & silver are in the gutter, but to others who are unfamiliar with my work, I’ll say it again.

The real issue is not with the emerging market currencies.

The real reason is not with the stock market euphoria.

The real reason is not because of China controlling the gold price.

The real reason is all about Peak Trump.

Until we go over the peak, gold and silver will not start to rise.

When will that happen?

It’s a process, and we are in that process now.

That said, earlier today I said, more or less, that we should be looking to November of this year before the great let-down begins, because that is the time the Q-Anon supporters have forecast for the mass arrests stemming from the sealed indictments.

After the big let-down, when people realize the arrests aren’t being made, it should be clear that we have peaked. Said differently, patience will be wearing thin.

But I digress.

Back on track.

More from the pledge page (bold for emphasis):

This high-energy growth environment presents both a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge is that companies must find more workers with specific skill sets to fill an increasing number of open jobs. The opportunity is that with more affordable, relevant training, many American workers will now have the chance to move into better jobs that deliver bigger paychecks.

Let’s take it point by point.

Point one – High energy growth?

I’m not even going to comment on that one other than say this – if there is any growth at all, it is not “high energy”. Peak Trump is like drinking a Monster energy drink, and not the regular size, but the BFC.

Ahhh, the smell of popping open a Monster in an enclosed vehicle. Brings back memories.

But you see, that caffeine (tax cuts) and sugar high (Peak Trump) only lasts so long.

Point two – It’s challenging to find workers with specific skill sets?

There is what, $1,300,000,000,000 in student debt, 30% of which is in “forbearance”, and early 40% of former students are expected to default by 2023 according to Brookings Institute, yet it’s challenging to find workers with the needed skills?

That is what you call the most epic of failures by a public, government run system of education.

Total failure.

Point three – More affordable and relevant training?

What about the Job Corps, the Peace Corps, the US Military?

The government doesn’t have a ton of training opportunities there?

Now, it may sound as if I’m hating on President Trump.

I am not.

I am, however, engaging in a form of constructive criticism that, in my opinion, is often not done, and certainly not done enough. You see, the left, liberals, and all those other crazies are not capable of any constructive criticism, they are only capable, in most cases, of something from the movie Idiocracy (or whatever it was called). That leaves the people who would be capable of constructive criticism, but they are all drinking the Peak Trump Kool Aid, so they are of little help right now.

Friends, stackers, and trolls (because trolls aren’t zombies yet so there is hope they see the light and be cured), if Trump truly wants to MAGA, he has known what to do for years:

Which brings us back to the pledge for American workers.

A pledge is like a promise.

You make a promise because the other person does not believe you, so you need to say, “I promise”. By the same token, why does a business need to make a “pledge” anyway?

Shouldn’t they just hire workers and improve their training departments so the workers in the company can have better opportunities?

I mean, I have pledged to eat heather and exercise more at least a hundred times this year, and I do so only because my wife always want us to eat better and get active.

So I pledge that I will.

But something tells me she doesn’t believe me.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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