Prepare Yourself! China Won’t Hesitate To Make Its Move While The Indian Economy Is In Turmoil

China will not hesitate in taking advantage of India’s collapsing economy and weaknesses. China will then move on to implementing the next step of…

by Financial Argument via Financial Argument

It is clear that China will take advantage of India’s collapsing economy and these weaknesses, and they will not hesitate in doing so. China will then move on to implementing the next step of its master plan.

If you think the collapsing Indian economy is none of our business in the U.S., or if you simply think this will mean a larger supply of call center employees, then you are totally wrong.

As I presented evidence of in the last video about China, China has started the final stages of its plan. Their first move will undoubtedly be against the collapsing Indian economy. China won’t hesitate. Because, as I will explain in detail in the next few minutes, India was chosen as the power to oppose China, along with a few other countries, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.

Building a plan on a country like India that will never be able to compete with China was a completely wrong economic and political strategy, and the fact that the Indian authorities gladly accept the role of a stooge is a great betrayal of India’s economic future.

Although many Indians are convinced that it will be the world’s newest powerhouse, I beg them to please wake up from their dreams. If I have Indian viewers watching this video, please don’t get me wrong. I absolutely do not underestimate India. India is one of the world’s largest economies and, along with China, one of the world’s most populous countries. But, here, we are talking about a giant that India cannot handle; it will be knocked out in the first round due to its economic turmoil.

We have no choice but to prepare for the ugly things that will happen until November and the great chaos that is certain to follow.

00:00 | “There’s none so blind as they that won’t see.”
00:42 | “QUAD” (QSD) Against China (The U.S. – Japan – India – Australia)
01:22 | China has started the final stages of its plan
01:42 | Great betrayal of India’s economic future
02:24 | The part of this ridiculous plan of India vs China
03:25 | China economy has bounced back stronger than before
03:45 | “India’s recent economic situation is the worst in the world”
04:01 | India’s GDP falling to -23.9%
04:16 | There was a 47% decrease in hotels, communication, and transportation activities – Indian manufacturing shrank 39.3%.
04:57 | Harley Davidson to exit Indian Market
05:28 | The trillion-rupee hole in Indian banks
05:52 | The Indian healthcare system is on the verge of collapse
06:48 | President Trump’s visit to India in February
07:14 | India won’t become a superpower
08:12 | Pompeo’s statements targeted not only alliance countries, but also other Asia-Pacific countries
09:13 | China responds very harshly, without hesitation
10:08 | They think India will replace China
10:45 | China could completely embroil India in internal turmoil if it wished
11:16 | Ertugrul vs Fauda (much more than a cultural difference)
11:42 | China itself was not invaded and occupied
12:07 | India has always been under the rule of another nation
12:25 | We have no choice but to prepare before November

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