Prediction: China Frees The “Stuck” Cargo Ship And Upgrades The Suez Canal In Days, World Watches In Awe As America Gripes & Bickers About “Infrastructure”

Remember those “hospitals” that China built in just days during the pandemic? Um, yeah. This is kinda like that…

(by Half Dollar) The story of the cargo ship that’s stuck in the Suez Canal is an interesting one, and I’m not quite sure what to make of it?

For those who are unaware, our global “just in time” inventory system, which has been under serious strain for the better part of a year, because it is called the “crack-up boom” and not the “elegant deleveraging”, you know, took a serious hit on March 23, 2021, when one of the world’s largest cargo ships got stuck in the Suez Canal.

Or so we’re told.

No worries though because an “elite team” is on it!

Or so we’re told.

And now that it has been a couple of days, my initial thoughts are, “geez, I’d better hurry up and buy that new vehicle sooner rather than later”.

These are quite the supply chain disruptions!

But I digress.

Another thought is that this could all be part of some huge PR stunt, the initial sneak attack in a major Guerrilla Marketing Campaign if you will, or if I may, or whatever, and as such, the Chinese will swoop in to the rescue as the world watches on.

Something like this:

I can imagine people and nations watching in awe as the CCP, not to be confused with the CCCP, which is no longer a thing, comes in and not only “frees” the stuck cargo ship but also “upgrades” the canal, like, by Monday or something.

It is Cold War 2.0, after all, not to be confused with The Cold War, which is no longer a thing.

Think about it for a second: Biden just held his first “press conference”, and among other things, he was babbling something incoherent about “infrastructure”, but infrastructure nonetheless, and while people around the world get to sit back and be amused by America’s spectacular implosion from within in general, and the absurd amount of total rotten corruption in our own “elected” “leaders” “infrastructure plan” specifically, the whole entire world simultaneously gets to marvel at the engineering feats of those dang Chinese commies!

Or is that not what’s going on here?