POP QUIZ: What’s Platinum Got Going For It That Silver’s Got Going For It Too?

That’s not a trick question, is it?

(by Half Dollar) Silver’s got a ton of stuff going for it, doesn’t it?

And guess what?

There is not one but several precious metals, including platinum (think platinum coins), and just like silver, platinum has those same things going for it too!

For example, right now, we’re in the midst of one of the greatest financial crises of all time, and that’s like, a really long time, and in times of crisis like these, smart people turn to real money, gold & silver. They’re way more than real money, however, really, as the difference between having a real coin or two in your pocket, or not, might just mean the difference between getting out of, or not getting out of, all sorts of terrible problems with too few solutions. Indeed, without fail, time and time again, as if it was an ingrained part of our very being, when economic misery and financial ruin set it on a whole new level, smart people go hard and heavy into all kinds of preservation, including wealth preservation, and that means a whole lot of things, including abstract things, like trust, but it also means some very real things, like money. Having money means having options, and having options gives a person a fighting chance.

In times like these, we’re all gonna need that.

But it’s not just that platinum is real money.

For platinum is really, truly, so much more.

In fact, at this very moment, arguably around the entire world, but most certainly in the United States, we’re pretty much set on a course to save the planet, for whatever that means, and we’re pretty much set on a course to build out the infrastructure, for whatever that means too, and not only that, but every single person in the United States is going to have every single thing that he or she could ever even want or need, including a sweet job, not that any job is needed, of course, including a semi-autonomous & self-flying electric convertible helicopter, or a free monthly pass for warp-speed underground rocket transport, of course, and including all of those wonderful sweet things that make life so great and none of those annoying little things that make life so, well, I’d say “hard”, but nothing is hard anymore, and I’d say “challenging”, but everybody’s a winner, so I guess I’ll just have to say including none of those annoying little things that make life so work-like, such as having to clean up after a pet unicorn.

Nobody wants that.

But no matter what we want to save, or build, or repair, or update, or upgrade, or whatever, it’s going to require a crapton of metal, and a whole lot of that metal will need to be of the precious kind.

In other words, if we want nice things, and if we want a nice planet, and if we want to have a nice way to get around a nice planet to show off our nice things, in order to do that, we’re going to need a lot of what’s precious, and they don’t just call it “precious” for any old reason, you know!


But wait, there’s more!

That’s right folks, because I didn’t put “POP QUIZ” in the title to not test the wisest!

Now, here’s the question: What’s platinum got going for it that silver’s got going for it too?

If you’re stuck, here comes a little hint:

And now, here comes the answer: Platinum, just like silver, is still a country mile away from its all-time record high!

Here’s the bonus question, not that anybody missed it, hopefully, but for extra credit: If every single thing on the entire planet has surged & skyrocketed in price, or at the very least has smashed its previous all-time record high, with the exception of silver, and platinum, of course, what does that mean about the potential gains from here?

I have no doubt that all Silver Bugs, Stackers, and other Smart Investors have passed the pop quiz with flying colors and scored some sweet extra credit too.

Hopefully, everybody else who is not a Silver Bug, Stacker, or other Smart Investor is taking notes.

Time is short, after all.

Very, very short.

Stack accordingly,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart