Poland Repatriates 100 Tons Of Gold From The Bank Of England

Poland has been buying gold, and now, they’re bringing it home from BOE vaults. Here are the details…

(Silver Doctors Editors) There’s a saying when it comes to gold, silver, and pretty much anything tangible for that matter: “if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”.

As more people come to this realization, nations are coming to this realization as well, with Poland being the latest example.

Said differently, Poland would rather securely store its own gold at home rather than have somebody else store it for them.

Reporting from Bloomberg:

Poland brought about 100 tons of gold home from the Bank of England in a bid to demonstrate the strength of nation’s $586 billion economy, central bank Governor Adam Glapinski said.

The institution bought about 126 tons in 2018 and 2019 to increase its gold reserves to 228.6 tons. As a result, the country has become the 22nd-biggest bullion holder in the world and has the biggest reserves of the metal in the European Union’s east, the central bank said.

Good for people (and nations) taking responsibility into their own hands!

Quite literally.

Here’s a screenshot of Poland’s growing gold reserves, taken just today:

With Canada out of gold, the US supposedly “flat” with our gold holdings, and with hundreds of tons of sovereign gold evidently being drained from BOE vaults, it begs the question: How close are we to the gold market riggers losing control over their price suppression schemes?

Only a very few people on the inside know the answer to that question, but it doesn’t take an insider to see what is going on.

The move into the safety of gold, in one’s own possession, is on!