Platinum’s On A Tear! Does This Mean The Bottom Is In For Gold & Silver?

Platinum surged higher yesterday and again today, and now gold & silver are catching a bid. Is the short-term bottom confirmed?

Monday, I said this about platinum:

We now have that all-important “higher-high”!

Yesterday morning I said this about platinum:

That chart was set-up before Wednesday’s opening bell.

Check out what platinum’s daily chart looks like right now:


And yesterday, on volume too, which appears to be continuing today as the last candlestick is today’s, which still has a lot of trading day left.

And now, it looks like gold & silver are catching a bid:

Is the short-term bottom finally in for the precious metals?

Gold & silver have yet to put in the “higher-high”.

The technicals are supportive of a run.

No major data releases tomorrow.

Shaping up to be interesting.

And the US dollar index?

It’s a dead cat bounce.

So pop some corn.

Markets moving.




Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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