Pillage & Plunder Surge While Freedom-Loving Americans Argue About Re-Opening America

SD Friday Wrap: Confused about when America should re-open, or whether the coronavirus is a big deal or not? That’s not a bug, it’s a feature…

I can honestly say that I really don’t know what to think right now.

I mean, on the one hand, there’s this deadly Covid-19 that’s bound to decimate large swaths of the population.

That’s not good.

Who wants to go out in public with that hot mess ravaging society?

On the other hand, it’s not big deal, and people who are hunkered-down are just panic-induced paranoid freaks.

Well, geez.

That’s not good either!

What, are the people who would rather not go out and about in public all of the sudden wussies for doing their part in not catching or spreading the coronavirus, if not for their own healths’ sake, than for the sake of their familys’ health?

Ahh, for this is the pickle Americans find themselves in, and that’s just how the Deep State Globalists like them – in a pickle.

You’re danged if you do, and you’re danged if you don’t, but in the meantime, who knows what kind of new whiz-bang “continuity of government” goodies are in the chute?


It doesn’t matter.

In the end we’re all just cannon fodder.

In the meantime, the Deep State Globalists have got some pillaging and plundering to do, and they always reap the biggest loot in times of crisis!

So I find myself here this Friday, doubting myself, and then second-guessing my uncertainty.

That sounds like a whole lot of suck.

Does it not?


Here’s part of the problem: The people who know nothing about the economy or the markets must get the final say because they supposedly know anything and everything about diseases and public health.

Here’s the other part of the problem: The people who know nothing about diseases or public health must get the final say because they supposedly know anything and everything about the economy and the markets.

My goodness!

I mean, what’s a person who doesn’t trust neither the “public health experts” nor the “economists” to do?

It is quite the pickle.

Free thinkers let down the people on both sides of the debate because we refuse to blindly accept just whatever crap either side is slinging.

And sling a lot of crap they do.

And then there’s the whole “if you build it, they will come” assumption embraced by both sides.

You can’t make this stuff up!

People think it’s like we’ve pushed the “pause” button on life, and we can simply “unpause” as if nothing happened.

But it’s not like that.

Can’t be.

Won’t be.

This whole coronavirus thing has scarred the collective psyche, and it’s not just something we’re going to spring back from as if it never happened.

No sir.

Because those scars are from wounds that have cut deep, and now there’s nerve damage to contend with, regardless of the desire to adapt or to overcome.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, what are you doing, and are you going out?”.

Thanks for your consideration and not really.

We’ve been out for one re-supply of perishables in one month, and while we were possibly thinking of going out this weekend for another re-supply, we’re kind-of playing it day-by-day.

And therein lies the other problem.

People aren’t going to make up for lost shopping, lost eating out, and lost entertainment, but rather, they’re going to simply take it in stride, day-by-day.

Furthermore, there has, without a doubt, been a serious hit to income for many families, so its not like there’s even the money available to make up for lost spending.

Regardless, the Deep State has done an absolutely spectacular job of divide-n-conquer, because we’re not talking about dividing the Lunatic Left from the Red Hats, but rather, we’re talking about dividing Freedom loving Americans from Freedom loving Americans, and all of them would like to decide, individually, how and when they’ll go back about their business.

This week, it seems that instead of it becoming a clearer picture, and instead of being more informed so as to make a good decision, the dynamics of the coronavirus pandemic are now even muddier than ever, so decisions about what a person’s to do are even more difficult to make.

The stock market is above 24,000:

The mainstream narrative is that the US will reopen and everything will be okay.

It will, but will it?

Fear is rapidly on its way out of the “market”:

The Fed is the only (surefire, winning) game around, so all you have to do is go long buying whatever the Fed’s buying, and if you’re pockets are deep enough to get in with the inside, then you don’t even have to do that, but rather, you can just pay somebody to do it for you, however for the case of the less deeper-pocketed “investors”, for now, the Fed’s got your back.

Pro tip: Unless you’re on the very deep inside, you will not be told when they no longer have your back, so therefore, be prepared to be lucky or lose everything in the rigged casino otherwise known as the stock market.

If the stock market hasn’t bottomed, then neither has yield on the 10-Year Note:

I don’t think the stock market’s bottomed.

Why not?

It’s simple: The “market” always wants more, and by more, I mean more stimulus, but how is the Fed justified in stimulating a stock market that’s in a new bull market, up well over 32%, and coming off of the most epic “rally”, ever?

The Fed is not justified, so I think the stock market needs more “pain”.

You see, even the mainstream is starting to see and say that the Fed is acting less and less like a legitimate institution for the US Banking System and more and more like a rogue cartel for the Deep State Globalists, albeit the mainstream would say the 1%.

And that’s putting it nicely.

I think and say the Fed is a domestic terrorist organization, and in time, they’ll be dealt with as such, although I don’t think there will be pitchforks and torches visible, much less warning signs, but then again, I’m an idiot.

So who cares what I think.

Or what I say.


Holders of dollars might want to note that stuff is still available for purchase:

I don’t think we’re going to 120, and even if we do, we could still be losing purchasing power because the dollar will only be devaluing at a slightly less rate of speed relative to other currencies, all the while prices for stuff will go up because there is a limited and perhaps shrinking amount of stuff in this world and many more dollars being printed and double-clicked into existance chasing all of that stuff around.

You know how the paper price of silver plunged while the price for an ounce of silver in-hand surged?

Yeah, it’s kinda like that with the US dollar.

The dollar could be rising but buying less and less stuff.

Speaking of the US dollar, Chris Vermeulen and I had an awesome discussion yesterday about many things, including the dollar, so if I may be so rude as to make a shameless plug for some interesting dialogue, well, this:

Thanks for your consideration.

I think copper is telling us the bottom is in for the commodities super-bear cycle:

Which is another way of saying get ready for consumer price inflation, which is also odd, because the deflationists have been looking pretty convincing lately.

Granted, the collapse in the price of crude oil has added fuel to the deflationists’ arguments’ fire:

Although, um, yeah, look at that crude oil chart again very closely and indeed you’ll see that at the time I took the screenshot of the chart, the price was reflecting a jump in the price of crude oil of more than 25%.

Twenty five percent, that is, in one single day.


What the heck is up with that move?

I now see why people say they have been in cash more than they’ve been in the markets lately.

Palladium continues to straddle its 50-day moving average:

While it’s true I’ve been saying I don’t think the charts have mattered a whole lot lately, there’s something to be said about the past performance of palladium straddling its major moving average, even if past performance isn’t indicative of something or other.

If the charts do matter, however, check out platinum:

That could be the set-up to break-through its 50-day moving average as well as what would be that all important higher-high and that all important higher-low, albeit very, very early, but those all important points on the chart are still pre-requisites for a bull trend in the short-term!

I think silver can blow-through its major moving average in a similar set-up to platinum:

I’m still looking for a quick run to nineteen.

Because gold made an uber-bullish, face-ripping “V”-shaped recovery, and then even went on to multi-year highs:

And now it’s time for silver to outperform gold.

With the real-time paper gold-to-silver ratio consolidating between 110 and 115 for some time, we could be primed to finally close the gap:

Please just understand that this is a paper ratio, however, for in the real world, it’s not only unlikely but probably impossible to trade one ounce of gold for over 110 ounces of silver.

Bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful Friday in mid-April?

Doesn’t this feel like some good old-fashioned divide-n-conquer?

If it does, please understand that’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

People who want to stay-at-home want to go out.

People wanting to go out wanna stay home.

It reminds me of that 1980s song.

Something about staying?

Like should I stay?

Or should I?

Um, uh.




Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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