PHYSICAL SHORTAGE ALERT: Palladium Is At Parity With Gold (Gold & Silver Disruptions Next?)

Is the physical palladium market disconnecting from and breaking the paper market? Gold & silver look like they may be ready to disrupt the LBMA too…

Pricing is all over the board.

I’m currently showing a gold price of about $1243:

On the NYMEX, CME Group is showing palladium ($1213) slightly below the gold price:

Bloomberg is showing palladium ($1236) just below the gold price:


Kitco has palladium at a high of even $1249 today:

David Jensen has noted today that lease rates in London for palladium are pretty much blowing up:

Or, as he puts it, the “shortage is accelerating”.

In fact, David is saying disruptions are coming not just to palladium at the LBMA, but also to gold, silver and platinum:

For last Friday’s podcast, James Anderson interviewed David for Metals & Markets.

David is one of the leading experts on palladium, so have a listen if you haven’t already:

So here’s the question:

Is physical palladium breaking the paper palladium market in real time?

As in, right now?

If so, how close could we be to physical gold & physical silver breaking the paper gold and paper silver markets?

This is turning out to be one heck of a big story as there seems to be serious trouble with physical supply in PreciousMetalsVille.

Are we at the breaking point everybody has been expecting for years?

We’ll know soon enough.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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