Peter Schiff: Trump Said “Elect Me, I’m A Great Negotiator”, Yet Trump’s BLOWING The Trade Deal

Peter asks how can Trump be such a great negotiator when he doesn’t even understand the basics of Negotiating 101? Here’s more…

by Peter Schiff of Peter Schiff Podcast

I think the bear market rally is over – I’ve been saying that, “Long live the bear market”. The Bear market rally is dead.  We are going a lot lower.  The catalyst today was also something that I was pointing out on my podcast last week, and that was the fact that we are not going to get a deal with China. I’ve been saying for a long time, that even if we got a deal, it would be, “buy the rumor, sell the fact”.

But I also said that it was becoming obvious that Trump had so over-promised the “great deal” that it was almost impossible to have a deal without disappointing the markets. So, I think Trump made a calculated decision that no deal is better than a deal that disappoints, especially since he had already goosed the market up to new highs.  So even if we sold off, Trump could say, “Well, this is some short-term pain; it’s necessary for the long-term gain.” and it may, in fact be the catalyst that causes the Fed to cut interest rates and launch QE, which is what Trump wants.