Peter Schiff: There’s No Better Contrarian Indicator Than Alex Jones BULLISH On The U.S. Economy

“What more do you have to say about the economy now that Alex Jones is a bull?” Here’s just how “all-in” everybody has become on the U.S. economy…

It’s a simple premise really.

Alex Jones has gone full bull on the U.S. economy.

That’s about as good a sign as any signaling the the top of the “everything bubble”.

Here we have one a Titan of the alternative media, who is arguably mainstream now, Alex Jones, who calls out the government for all sorts of wrongdoings, and surely does not buy much of what the U.S. government is peddling, singing the praises of the U.S. economy, in addition to citing many official statistics to back up his case.

That might have been a lot for just one sentence, but not having tuned in to Alex in quite some time, big news like that merits a big sentence.

First, the background.

Peter Schiff has been a bear on the market and a bull on gold and silver for years.

Peter has been saying that the dollar crisis he has been predicting for many years is just now underway.

Nothing has changed to Peter’s outlook including what was said on his last podcast.

Here’s Peter Schiff on his last podcast, and in it is the little nugget about a now bullish Alex Jones being a great contrarian indicator:

(I’ve started the video at the part where Peter discusses Alex, although the entire podcast deserves a listen)


Peter does indeed have a point.

We need not go into all the ways that Alex calls out the U.S. government – whether exposing false flags, the police state, or other Deep State atrocities, it does seem very odd that Alex would be so bullish on the U.S. economy now.

Regardless of whether Alex is or is not alternative media anymore (he does have 2.2 million subscribers to just his YouTube channel), the debate/discussion between Alex and Peter is well worth a listen as well.

Is the economy as great as Alex say, or is it about to all come crashing down as Peter Schiff says?

That’s up for you to decide, so here’s the great spirited debate on the economy between Alex and Peter:

If Alex is right, the economy is booming, and that means “inflation” will come roaring back as money velocity picks up.

If Peter’s right, we’re headed for a worse crisis than the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.

Either way, it’s bullish for gold & silver.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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