Peter Schiff: The Economy Is In MUCH WORSE Shape Than We Are Led To Believe

Peter says many people are excited about the economy, and they think the economy is doing well, but those people are wrong. Here’s why…

Peter Schiff on Peter Schiff Podcast

Peter is back with some sobering news for all those people who think the economy is doing well: It’s not doing well at all.

In this latest podcast, Peter explains why the economy is getting worse, both the the United States, and globally.

In the United States, the U.S. consumer is tapped-out and unable to contribute to economic growth. There’s a number of reasons for why this is the case.

Globally, other nations are also not doing well.

For example, Peter discusses the highest gasoline prices ever in Canada, and the effect it’s having on people.

What does all this economic malaise mean for gold and silver?

Tune in to the interview below in its entirety to find out: