Peter Schiff: The Best Americans Will Ditch America As Govt Taxation Becomes Too Much To Bear

Peter says the smartest and hardest working will be leaving in droves, and they’ll say “to heck with the forms and fees” and just leave. Here’s why…

Peter Schiff and Stefan Molyneux on Stefan Molyneux (a.k.a. Free Domain Radio)

While President Donald Trump and elements of the mainstream media describe a strong United States economy – America’s economic future has significant problems on the horizon. Peter Schiff joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the United States’s $21-plus trillion-dollar national debt, skyrocketing unfunded liabilities, federal deficits of $100 billion per month, the end of retirement, coming Corporate bankruptcies, the myth of a strong stock market, the subprime auto loan bubble, the role of China, upcoming inflation, flooding the market with treasury bonds, the day of reckoning for the Federal Reserve, Bernie Sander’s Jobs program and the end of the second-longest economic recovery in history.