Peter Schiff: Consumer Prices Are About To Go Up Big Time

Peter says that even as the economy weakens, consumer prices are about to go up, big time. Here’s why…

Peter Schiff via Peter Schiff Podcast

Peter Schiff is back with a timely update now that Fed Chair Powell is in the middle of his first Congressional Testimony.

Peter says Powell is overly optimistic on the economy, especially in light of recent data.

The housing market is terrible, the trade deficit is terrible, the deficit spending is terrible, the jobs outlook is terrible, and Peter says the markets are not prepared for this, that they are still buying into the hype that President Trump and the Republicans made the American great again.

But once the Fed reverses course, which Peter expects they will have to do soon, the bottom going to fall out from under the dollar and the roof is going to blow off the top of gold.

Tune in to the entire podcast below for this important update: