Peter Schiff On Taxes And Bitcoin: One Of Them Is Not Permanent And The Other Is Not Limited

With “make or break” tax cut week and $11,000 Bitcoin, here’s a timely update from Peter Schiff…

Peter Schiff Episode Number 304

Peter Schiff begins discussing the recent developments with the proposed tax cuts. Peter says that no tax cuts are permanent and a government can basically change them any time they want to. In addition, temporary tax cuts with hopes of a future congress extending them or making them permanent won’t happen either.

Peter breaks down the problems with the tax cuts, not from a Republican or Democrat point-of-view, but with more of a practical, Austrian economics point-of-view.

Then Peter discusses Bitcoin and this is where it’s sure to strike a nerve one way or another.

He finally ends with a discussion of all the sexual harassment that has been uncovered lately including the latest with Al Franken.

ListenĀ  to the full podcast below: