Peter Schiff: Income Taxes WILL GO UP With Senate ‘Tax Cuts’ Due To BRACKET CREEP

Peter Schiff says once inflation kicks in, the government wins and everybody loses. Here’s why the tax cuts may actually be tax hikes…

Peter Schiff has released his latest podcast on theĀ Peter Schiff Podcast:

Peter Schiff discusses the differences in the two tax cut bills in the works in Congress.

Two weeks ago, the House unveiled their tax plan, and just this week, the Senate unveiled theirs.

There is a massive risk that everybody is going to pay more due to something called “bracket creep”. Once inflation kicks in, everybody will be moved into higher tax brackets and instead of getting a tax cut, we will all be getting tax hikes.

For a detailed analysis of the two tax plans which President Trump is discussing as “the biggest tax cuts ever”, here’s a timely update on what to expect: