Peter Schiff: China Rings The Bell On The U.S. Dollar

Peter says it doesn’t matter whether China said it or even meant it, this is only the beginning of the U.S. dollar collapse…

by Peter Schiff via Peter Schiff Podcast

Peter discusses the very big news that China has stated (or maybe not) that they are no longer purchasers of U.S. treasury debt.

The implications of this are huge according to Peter, especially at a time when the U.S. needs buyers for all the debt that will be created to pay for the Fed not rolling over their treasuries, to pay for increases in interest rates, to pay for the same amount of government or more offset by a reduction in taxes, and to pay for other spending that arises should the U.S. enter recession.

In the End, Peter says that all the things he has been saying for years are finally starting, and that Peter is now vindicated in all those who sad he was wrong for so long.

Tune in to this timely podcast below in its entirety: