Peter Schiff: Bitcoin’s Next Leg Will Be Down And The Crypto Will Settle At This (Very Low) Price

Peter is firing on all cylinders today, but if Peter nails his latest Bitcoin call, Bitcoin won’t be firing on many cylinders at all. Here’s the details…

In his most recent podcast, Peter Schiff covers the important financial news that has gone down since the start of the week.

In particular, Peter analyzes:

  • Economic data releases including ADP jobs report, mortgage refinances, the trade deficit, and GDP revisions
  • The unfolding crisis in the bond market in particular, and the Italian bond market specifically
  • Impacts this is having on the U.S. stock, bond and currency markets
  • The implications of the Italian elections and a comparison to our own 2016 Presidential Election
  • The inevitable failure of the Euro and the impending sovereign, and even municipal, debt crises
  • A look at Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies including where Peter thinks Bitcoin is going next

For all of those topics and a whole lot more, tune in to Peter’s latest podcast in its entirety below: