Paul Craig Roberts Says “China & Russia Will Have To Do Something”

Paul Craig Roberts discusses the political and economic turmoil in the United States. From the double edge sword of patriotism, to the push for more war, Dr. Roberts gives a very bleak outlook. Here are the issues pushing China and Russia towards an ultimatum with the United States…

Paul Craig Roberts interviewed by Richie Allen

Dr Roberts begins the interview on the topic of the politics of Trump Vs the NFL.

As the conversation shifts to geo-politics, discussion centers around recent events in Venezuela, from both a historical point-of-view, in addition to Dr Robert’s analysis of the geo-political strategy used by the neoconservatives.

Dr. Roberts then goes into the recent developments with identity politics in the United States, which looks to shun the American white male and make him out to be the villain, even though Dr. Roberts blames the corrupt politicians in Washington for stirring the tensions.

“The young in America do not understand the difference between fact and fiction, and any explanation is a defense” says Dr. Roberts.

This is where it is leading the United States right now, both politically and economically, but more importantly, this is what it means for China and Russia coming onto the world stage: