Palladium Surges To Record High As Commodities, Gold & Silver Look To Break Out

With the US dollar and yield on the 10-Year Note falling, one must ask, have the market trends of recent months finally turned?

(by Half Dollar) Are the good times here again for gold & silver investors?

With gold shouting at $1800 overnight and silver wanting to say “adios” to the mid-$20s, for now, it is looking that way.

Of course, there’s always a caveat.

And if the US dollar and/or yield on the 10-Year Note have peaked, that caveat is a crashing stock market:

For now, however, it’s let the good times roll.

Judging by the amount of fear in the markets, these are the good times:

Stimulated by the Federal Government and backstopped by the Fed, so they say.

With rates falling once more, apparently, it shouldn’t be too long before the mainstream begins talking about negative interest rates again:

The pressure is to the downside, after all.

It’s just the market intervention, manipulation and rigging required to make the math work:

There’s this funny thing about that math, however, in that we know the outcome.

Crude oil begins the week with a 63-handle:

In addition, the trading range is tightening.

For now, copper has a massive bullish engulfing candle:

Copper could really be off to the races if we get a breakout here.

Speaking of breakout:

Will palladium’s break-out bring some excitement back into the precious metals?

If so, platinum should be pretty exciting to watch:

In so many ways, platinum is a lot like silver.

Regardless, here we are in mid-April of 2021, and silver is still stuck in the mid-$20s:

If the charts matter, there is progress being made, however, including that all important first higher-high.

It would be nice to see progress being made in the gold-to-silver ratio:

Black swans notwithstanding, It seems a crashing stock market, or, conversely, a surging dollar or rising yield on the 10-Year Note are what would cause silver to catch-down to gold, and thus far, those who have been looking for gold to catch-up to silver seem to be correct in the early stages.

Gold begins the week with a paper price under $1800:

That’s more than a $100 discount from opening the year.

Thanks for reading,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart