Overnight Irma Recap: Sorting Through the Confusion with All Bases Covered

Hurricane Irma is throwing everybody in the MSM for a loop. Much like the cues sent to the markets by the Fed, the news pumping into the feeds shows that either Hurricane Irma is pretty much a HINO (Hurricane In Name Only), or she’s a serious threat taking lives and affecting millions of Floridians as she runs up the state…

The National Hurricane Center shows Irma moving up through the middle of the state:

According to CNN, millions are without power, and the destruction is also “unlike anything ever seen”:



Fox News is not so sure as though, but Irma’s not done with Florida, and she’s got Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee in her sights:

Irma continues its slog north along Florida’s western coast having blazed a path of unknown destruction. With communication cut to some of the Florida Keys, where Irma made landfall Sunday, and rough conditions persisting across the peninsula, many are holding their breath for what daylight might reveal.

Forecasters say they expert Irma’s center to stay inland over Florida and then move into Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee.

More than 3.3 million homes and businesses — and counting — have lost power in Florida as Hurricane Irma moves up the peninsula.

The widespread outages stretch from the Florida Keys all the way into central Florida.

Oddly enough, the “financial press” is downplaying the significance of the hurricane. Bloomberg is reporting damages will only be 25% of what was originally estimated, even though it’s still causing destruction:

The center of the system is expected to weaken to a tropical storm this morning and a tropical depression by Tuesday afternoon, the National Hurricane center said in an advisory. A storm surge warning was discontinued for parts of southern Florida as the storm headed north. Enki Research’s estimate for total damages dropped to $49 billion from $200 billion earlier.

“This had the potential to be catastrophic,” said Gladys Ibarra, 51, who works in finance at a shipping company, as she wandered an inland stretch of Coral Gables, where tree limbs littered the ground, but buildings looked little damaged. “We were very scared, and we were very lucky.”

In typical American style, when the veil of civil society is pulled back, the looting begins. With Irma, the looting got started before the hurricane even hit, and reports of looting are picking up speed in what is sure to get worse before it gets better. From WRAL:

Police in Miami are investigating reports of people looting stores as Hurricane Irma hit the state.

On Sunday night, Miami police took two people into custody and detained two others.

Deputy Police Chief Luis Cabrera told the Miami Herald the officers went to the Shops at Midtown on Sunday afternoon as the winds of Hurricane Irma were at their strongest in South Florida. Cabrera says a group in a white truck hit multiple locations. Police have also received additional reports of looting in the city.

We’ll try not to let this cat out of the bag, but Jose is stalking Irma, and if the forecasters got it wrong with her, we’re not jumping to any conclusions:


At least 5 People have died, and daylight hasn’t even broke yet to begin to see the ongoing damage in natural light. Here’s live coverage from ABC: