Organized Fertilizer Shortages! Crop Failures & Farming Crisis Stage Of Food Shortage 2022 Plan

The plan will not result in just food shortages and famine. Markets will crash, and a…

by Financial Argument via Financial Argument

With the engineered food shortage approaching in 2022, many are now facing impoverishment and, even worse, starvation.

What would you think if I told you that despite the increasing prices and empty shelves you are beginning to see in stores, we are still not feeling the effects of the fertilizer shortage?

Today, I will discuss what is behind the fertilizer shortage, which follows the record-high price increases that were clearly artificially established. These conditions will result in crop failures, a poor harvest, and a farming crisis in 2022

The global food crisis, which appears imminent, comes as a result of some very complex circumstances. Soaring energy prices, insurmountable supply chain crises, rising raw material prices, factories shutting down production, historically record-high food prices, empty shelves, and major shortages abound. And this is just the beginning.

If circumstances continue on this track, unbelievably exorbitant prices and a famine that will go down in history await us.

Let’s assume that everything is going well in terms of agricultural production. You’re in a period unaffected by drought or natural disasters, and logistics, transportation, and the supply chain are functioning as expected. In a situation where nitrogen fertilizer shortages occur, average corn yields for the United States are estimated to drop by an average of 40 percent. Now, when we look at the reality and take the supply chain crisis into account, do you see how this spells disaster for corn, let alone other staple crops?

As I told you before, the plan will not result in just food shortages and famine. Markets will crash, and a transition period after the chaos will be implemented to reset society. In times to come, these will undoubtedly be remembered as the most important events in human history.

It’s in your hands to get ready while there is still some time left. Although many will complain about the lack of a budget for such preparations, they fail to realize or put in the effort to grow their own produce. For some, it only takes a small fraction of the budget they set aside for new furniture or vacations. Nice things won’t save them when reality sets in. So I continue to warn you. Be prepared.