“One Of The Most Chaotic Weeks Ever” – Eric Sprott On The State Of The Markets

With the S&P down 100 points on the week, the stock market in real trouble, and gold & silver holding steady, Eric joins us to connect the dots…

Eric Sprott interviewed by Craig Hemke on The Weekly Wrap-Up

The S&P is down 100 points on the week, gold and silver are holding steady, while the stock market is having “real trouble.” Eric joins us once again to connect the dots in this info-packed edition of the Wrap-Up, where you’ll hear:

  • Why the stock market matters for gold investors
  • The strange thing happening in Switzerland right now
  • Plus: the advantage to NOT owning majors in your portfolio

“Let’s start with the economic dots. And the economic dots are that housing is definitively weak because of high interest rates. Car sales, apparently, are going to be weak in October. We have various companies—most of the guys who produce something—that say they have one issue or another, whether it’s, ‘You know, we can’t get our products over there because of tariffs’ or ‘We’re paying more for our materials because of tariffs, and margins are getting squeezed.’ And also there’s been a bit of a hiccup in some of the FANG stocks. Alphabet and Amazon both look like they had moderation in growth trends, and, of course, they had moderations in fourth quarter outlooks. And we’re in a market that sort of takes no prisoners now.”