One Blue Lives Matter Supporter Dead In More Senseless Random Acts Of Violence In Portland

A Blue Lives Supporter was shot and killed at near point-blank range, and it wasn’t totally unprovoked. The alt-media is identifying the shooter now…

(by Half Dollar) There’s been more senseless violence in Portland overnight.

The Deep State Globalists sure are doing a great job of dividing the US population to make sure we devour ourselves from within.

Right now, it’s a couple dead here, one dead there, a few dead here, several dead there, and so on, and so forth.

It will get worse.

Much worse.

Here’s the latest shooting, which, by the looks of things, was nothing more than a thug reacting to what looks like being pepper-sprayed, only not responding in-kind, but rather, with two quick shots from a pistol.

If you are so inclined to keep watching the unfolding madness on the streets of America:

Of course, it sure seems the shooter was just walking around with his pistol at the ready because the reaction was literally within a second.

On Friday morning, I said it was becoming unsafe to walk in the streets of America’s cities, and as the senseless violence continues, one can only assume it will become even more senseless and more violent.

Anyway, here’s some coverage of the latest shooting via Twitter:

This article from the AP shows the Blue Lives Matter patch on some tactical gear the victim is wearing:

This looks like the victim in a photo from earlier in the day (the guy in shorts):

Many in the alternative media are jumping on this, as if the victim was intentionally shot because he supported Blue Lives Matter, but it was nighttime on the streets at the time of the shooting, and tear-gas spray was coming from the victim just before the shooting, so it’s not really like the shooter saw the patch, and it all happened so quickly that the shooter was only aiming for center mass anyway, but that’s not to say the shooter didn’t have positive ID on the guy from a prior incident that day and/or evening.

Social media is putting together the identity of the shooter now:

President Trump has had a lot to say about Portland over the last several hours including numerous Tweets and re-Tweets, which is easily searched at