Of Course Gyms Get Singled Out By Trump For Re-Opening…Trump LOVES Performing For Professional Wrestling!

The government will pick who wins or loses, but professional wrestlers, trophy wives and fat people churning their monthly membership fees, rejoice!


EDITOR’S WARNING: This is an opinion piece and will likely offend many people, so if you get easily offended, please click the “back” button right now and do not read the opinionated analysis below.


(by Half Dollar) Last week I reported that the government has decided professional wrestling was an “essential” service.

Nobody read that article because the truth hurts, and likely not many will read this one either, but since I’m not here to win any popularity contests, so be it.

What is the crux of this article?

The gym is safe!

Or at least has been singled-out by Trump’s Opening Up America Again Guidelines.

I just can’t wait to get back to my one-hour treadmill runs, full of what could only be described as a misty, sweat-spewing heavy-breathing rhythmic thing of non-beauty, especially in those last five minutes when I really try to push myself hard.


Just kidding.

My running days are over.

But, more importantly, you couldn’t catch me within ten feet of a gym right now, much less inside of one.


Well, if you could take of all of the absolute worst things to do to not be exposed to Covid-19, package them all up, and turn them into a destination that would be frequented by the public, several times per week perhaps, then there would be no place more suited than the gym.

Said differently, and I’ll ask it as a question: Are gyms not the perfect Covid-19 vectors for transmission?

Now, if a gym is essential to you, then by all mean, frequent one.

I’m not going to judge, and I don’t think it’s the government’s place, or President Trump’s place, to do so either.

Because in the end, how could I know what is in your best interest, much less whether what you do is “essential” or not?

I couldn’t know, and I wouldn’t know, and neither can the government, and certainly not Trump.

CNN is making it sound like Trump’s mentioning of the gyms by name is the result of strong lobbyists and their lobbying efforts in Washington.

When you get right down to it, however, Presdient Trump really just likes being on stage with big, burly men in tights.

I doubt the lobbyists even had to try.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, do you have a point to make, or are you just on one of your Trump bashing rants again you Trump hater?”.

Fair question, and no, I’m neither a Trump Basher nor a Trump Hater, but I do have a point to make, and it is this: It is not the government’s place to decide who wins and who loses or what is “essential” and what is not.

It’s up to the people to decide, and, more importantly, the free markets.

The government can either get in the way or get out of the way.

That’s it.

In fact, the best course of action a government can always take is taking no action at all.

Micromanaging the “markets” and Main Street, from the top down, will only result in economic disaster.

Of course, one man’s economic disaster is another man’s “greatest economy, ever”, so there’s that.

And one man’s “greatest economy, ever” is another man’s lies told by a Deep State Globalist in Patriot’s Clothing, so there’s that too.

Either way, the show goes on!


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