Full Naval Blockade Of Venezuela? US Accused Of Seizing Ship Containing 25,000 Tons Of Food

The Vice President of Venezuela is calling on the UN to stop Trump Administration “violation of human rights”…

On Monday the White House stepped up its regime change efforts by imposing essentially what amounts to a full-on embargo of Venezuela.

Here’s an interesting excerpt from the “Executive Order on Blocking Property of the Government of Venezuela” From WhiteHouse.gov:

Even if the US is doing the right thing to Venezuela, even though many people would disagree, myself included, it does beg the question, if it is true that this ship has been seized, detained, or otherwise prohibited from reaching Venezuela, then how is blocking needed food helping the people of Venezuela in any way whatsoever?

It seems like in the face of hunger, all efforts would be made to distribute the food first and fix any mistakes, errors or otherwise the next time.

But then again, I only ran a soup kitchen for 3.5 years and have been on the front-lines of street-level poverty by also running a homeless shelter, so my experience is merely a microcosm of a humbly local experience, so what do I know about geo-politics on the world stage?


It’s sad that using food as a weapon is still embraced.

But I digress.

It seems like we’ve got a bit of “he said, she said” going on.

Venezuela’s Vice President Delcy Rodriguez says this

It would be worth noting where the ship originated from.

She didn’t stop there, however:

Of course, the US will take the stance that she is an illegitimate leader since she is part of the Nicolas Maduro Administration.

The US official stance has basically been to not recognize the legally elected current government of Venezuela:

Notice he said “the former Maduro regime”.

We’ll keep on monitoring the situation.

Of this ongoing regime change.

For the ‘good of Venezuela’.

So they can get some.

Nice, old-fashioned.

Neighborly love.

Like it or not.

Matters not.

Oil & gold?



Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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