Nothing Is Happening By Accident: The Planned Stock Market Crash On October 19, 2020

The RESET is coming very soon…

by G. J. Wenkman

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it
happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” –
Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Today, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you
can bet it was planned that way by the Wizards that pull
the levers that run the world from behind the curtain.” Toto

“Study history, study history. In history lies all the secrets
of statecraft.” – Winston Churchill.

Churchill also said: “Men occasionally stumble over the
truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off
as if nothing had happened”.

I ask you, before you hurry off read this article.

Does anything that is happening today make sense to
you? Of course not, it’s not supposed too, because you
are not part of Wizards’ Planning Committee. Neither am
I, but their ‘Plan’ becomes blatantly obvious when one
does, as I have: “study history, study history” as Churchill
stated. He knew because he was on their Planning

I have found, if you “study history, study history” you will
find all their “lies” in their “secrets of statecraft”. Churchill
belonged to the Secret Society of Freemasonry where he
was a 33rd Degree Freemason. Since 1716 (17+16=33)
their plan has always remained a secret. In their secret
society they cherish their numerology and gematria where
they always plan their events around their sacred and
mystical numbers. Their favorite is the number 33, the
highest degree in their secret society. The point here is
always be aware of the number 33. Their beloved late
Grand Wizard, Albert Pike (1809-91) wrote this in his
book: Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted
Scottish Rite Of Freemasonry (published 1871, p.104-5):

“Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries,
Hermeticism and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all
except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false
explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to
mislead those who deserve only to be misled; to conceal
the Truth, which it calls Light from them and to draw them
away from it.”

The Albert Pike statue in Washington, D.C. was toppled during the riots on
June 19, 2020 which President Trump immediately ordered to be restored.

So why is this article relevant to SilverDoctors readers?
Let me explain.

We all know things can’t continue given the current
absurd and ridiculous events that we are now witnessing
in disbelief.

American economist, Herb Stein, stated: “If something
cannot go on for forever it will stop”. So the question is –
when will it stop? The Wizards who run the “Planning
Committee” have known the answer to that question for a
very long time. They also happen to own the private and
secret corporation known as the Federal Reserve Banking
system that usurped our nation’s monetary system from
our United States Treasury Department two days before
Christmas in 1913. In 1912 J.P. Morgan testified before
Congress where he stated: “Gold is money, everything
else is credit” [debt]. The Wizards knew full-well what their
Plan was back then, just like they know what their present
and future plans are for them and for us.

Let’s briefly review the major events that have occurred in
the last 107 years of existence of the Federal Reserve,
since they usurped control of our monetary system in late
1913: (1) 1914-18 World War I – 40 million military and
civilian casualties (19+14=33), (2) 1917-23 The Bolshevik
Revolution – 12 million casualties, mostly civilians, (3)
1918-20 – Spanish Influenza Pandemic (which this author
believes was due to intentional aspirin poisoning and not
influenza) – 60 million deaths, (4) 1921-23 – Germany
(Weimar Republic) Hyperinflation where their fiat currency
became worthless and which lead to an unknown number
of deaths from suicide and starvation and set the stage
for Hitler and WWII, (4) 1929-1941 Stock Market Crash
and Great Depression in U.S. where unknown millions of
civilians died of suicide and starvation and set the stage
for FDR and WWII, (5) 1933 Federal Reserve puppet and
33rd degree Freemason FDR closed all banks and
confiscated gold from U.S. citizens by Executive Order
6102 to be turned into the Federal Reserve in exchange
for irredeemable Federal Reserve Notes, (6) 1939-45
World War II – 85 million military and civilians were killed,
(7) 1950-53 – 3 million military and civilians were killed, (8)
1954-75 – 3.8 million military and civilians where killed in
the Vietnam, Laos, Cambodian War, and the killing goes
on today 2001-20 Afghanistan War (also called War on
Terror, which is a cover for the Afghan/US opium trade),
the Iraq War, the Syrian War, and the Yemen War where
total causalities are hidden. Over 200 million people have
lost their lives as a result of planned wars, conflicts, and
monetary madness since the Wizards created the Federal
Reserve and destroyed our gold and silver backed
monetary system.

In 1729 Freemason Voltaire stated: “Paper money
eventually returns to its intrinsic value – zero”. Voltaire
knew this because he was on their Planning Committee.

The point here being that their Planning Committee knew
in 1913, what Voltaire knew in 1729 that all fiat currency,
that masquerades as money, is doomed to died an ugly
dead, and their Federal Reserve Note (FRN/IOU) is no
exception, but they also knew they could create an infinite
amount of money out of nothing to buy and own
everything they want, setting the stage for an engineered
collapse to usher in their planned New World Order
(NWO), most likely to be completed by 2033.

It’s rather interesting to study the steps in how they made
the Federal Reserve Note (FRN) be the world’s reserve
currency shortly after its introduction in 1914 (19+14=33).

Step 1 – Engineer W.W.I (1914-18) to destroy Germany
and weaken the British Empire and its currency to pave
the way for the FRN to be premiere,

Step 2 – Take Russia out of WWI after 3 years of fighting
to further decimate Russia via the Bolshevik revolution
(1917-23) to prevent Russia from competing with the
FRN. Freemason Vladimir Lenin stated: “The best way to
destroy the capitalist systems is to debauch the currency”.

Step 3 – Further destroy Germany by hyper-inflating their
currency system (1918-23) so it becomes worthless.

Step 3 – Create in the U.S. the roaring 20’s (1921-29) then
collapse the stock market (1929-32) to usher in the Great
Depression (1930-39),

Step 4 – Bring Hitler (1933) on stage and send him lots of
gold and money from the U.S. to allow Germany to built
armaments in preparation for their planned WWII, then
bring FDR on stage as President 33 days later after
appointing Hitler Chancellor in 1933,

Step 5 – Engineer WWII (1939-45) to kill millions while the
Wizards made billions in war-profits and propelled their
FRN as the World’s Reserve Currency through their
Bretton Woods Agreement (1944),

Step 6 – Replace FDR in the last days of WWII with 33rd
Master Freemason Harry Truman as 33rd President of the
United States so he could drop the Atomic Bomb on
Hiroshima that stood on the 33rd parallel on August 6,
1945 (8+6+1+9+4+5=33)

Step 7 – Create the new Boogieman, to become known
as Communism, by creating communist USSR and Red
China (1949) to be the new world threat to democracy as
a way to control and restrain China and Russia, while
creating fear in the U.S..

Step 8 – Create another communist country North Korea
and War (195-53) showing the world how communism is
advancing as a threat.

Step 7 – Create yet another Boogieman, to become
known in the movies as ‘Aliens’ (1952-59) from outer
space to mind control the young human herd to be fearful
of the unknown in space. Create NASA in 1958 to propel
the alien threat to be used at some later date by the
Wizards when they run out of adversaries here on earth.
Out going U.S. President Eisenhower, in his televised
speech in 1961, forewarned us of the Military/Industrial

Step 8 – Hand new U.S. President Kennedy a speech –
“We Choose To Go To The Moon” in 1962 written
obviously by the Military/Industrial Complex on behalf of
the Wizards.

Step 9 – Knock off President Kennedy who wasn’t
following his script, and put in Johnson who did follow his
script and passed the 1965 Coinage Act demonizing
silver content from our coinage to appease the Wizards
by making all currency and coin fiat.

Step 10 – The Wizards knew they needed to pull a rabbit
out of their hat to convince the world that the FRN should
still be regarded as the world reserve currency, even
though they were spending billions on the Vietnam War.
France was not convinced and exchanged their holdings
of FRN’s for U.S. Treasury gold, supposedly held at Fort
Knox. The Wizards knew that the gold was going to be
gone in a few years time so they needed an ingenious
plan to convince the world that the United States was still
the greatest country in the world backed by the fiat FRN.
That ingenious deception was the Apollo Program where
between July 26, 1969 and July 26, 1971 there were
supposedly 5 manned Apollo missions to the moon to
convince the whole world of the great superiority of the
United States.

Step 11 – The Wizards put President Nixon on national
Television on August 15, 1971, just a few days after Apollo
15 supposedly returned to earth from the moon, to read
their script that shocked the world saying that effective
immediately the dollar’s (FRN) convertibility to gold by
foreign holders had ended.

Step 12 – The Wizards knew that they must come up with
another trick to fool the world that the FRN was still the
world’s currency of choice. So off goes agent, Henry
Kissinger, to Saudi Arabia to engineer the Petrodollar,
where Kissinger convinced the Saudi Arabian elites to sell
their oil for FRN’s only worldwide to create an ongoing
demand for FRN’s. Few understand that the largest U.S.
export of all time hasn’t been automobiles, or airplanes, or
computers, but rather pieces of cotton and linen we call
Federal Reserve Notes or today are made of ones and
zeros on a computer. The Saudi’s knew of course the FRN
was nothing more than a giant Ponzi scheme but were
assure they would be amply rewarded and the royal family
protected. Next was the planned Oil Embargo of 1973 to
stage an event that would result in much higher priced
paid to the Saudis to adequately compensate them. The
Petrodollar for the Wizards worked and extended the life
of their fiat currency.

Step 13 – Next up was to counteract rising inflation
caused by rising oil prices created by the Petrodollar to
protect the interests of the Wizards that own the Federal
Reserve. So a deflationary rabbit had to be pulled from
the Wizard’s hat, otherwise inflation in manufactured
goods in America would skyrocket. So they called upon
their best ‘lever-puller’, Kissinger, to go off to China, five
months after Nixon closed the gold window, and work a
deal with Communist China’s Mao to give them American
manufacturing jobs and their products on a silver platter
to prevent rising inflation in the U.S. that would surely lead
to hyperinflation that would kill off the FRN. So during the
next thirty years the U.S. manufacturing base has been
totally gutted by the Wizards and their plan to transfer
American manufacturing to China.

Step 14 – Rigging of ALL markets, beginning in the 1970’s
with the advent of computerized trading, whether they be
the bond market, the interest rate market, the stock
market, the derivatives market, the real estate market, and
the commodities market, especially the gold and silver
market which is the enemy of the Wizards. Today, you
name it, it is rigged 24/6 worldwide. The Wizards in 2020
have handed their faithful servants trillions and trillions of
Federal Reserve Notes in the form of ones and zero that
are manufactured at not cost to them.

Step 15 – As the Federal Reserve Note (FRN), is now on
life support and soon will die the Wizards are prepared to
destroy the world as evidenced by them shutting down
the world and its economy over the common flu or some
engineered variant of it that has come about at the perfect
time for the Wizards to be able to point the finger for the
coming failed system at something other than

Step 16 – As the worldwide financial system collapses in
the very near future it should become clear to everyone
that is woke that: “Nothing Is Happening By Accident,
It is All Planned” right down to the planned election
between Trump and Biden that surely will end in disaster
for this country as planned.

In closing, remember what I stated earlier: “Always be
aware of the number 33”.

It was on October 19, 1987 that I lost $1.1 million dollars
in the stock market crash that day when I was long S&P
futures contracts. That day will live in infamy for me. Now
I look at the stock markets and ask what do the Wizards
have planned on this 33rd anniversary of the October 19,
1987 crash. Could it be another planned crash and this
time right before the ALL important election to set up
Trump for a defeat. Could the Wizards have written a
better script for themselves?

I believe the RESET is coming very soon because I have
done what Winston Churchill said: “study history, study

Another tipoff the Wizards have given us, that the RESET
is nigh is the Rothschild’s owned – Economist magazine
cover of January 9, 1988 which was titled – “Get ready
for a world currency” with their Freemasonic Phoenix
with a gold coin hanging from its neck. That makes me
wonder have they planned all along for the RESET to
happened on the 33rd anniversary of that famous
magazine cover?

Next August 15, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of
President Nixon’s famous television speech severing the
link between the Federal Reserve dollar and gold. Could it
be the Wizards have planned all along to complete their
planned RESET on the 50th anniversary of Nixon’s
speech. I for one thinks so.

In Leviticus 25, God commanded the House of Israel to observe a
year of Jubilee every 50 years. The Jubilee year, the Bible
explains, was to be a year of rest, including the forgiveness of
all debts, and the liberation of slaves and servants to their native

Thanks for reading.