NOT The Three Amigos: Flood, Flood of Dollars, and $99 Cases of Water

One of them you can’t control, one of them they think they can control, and one of them shows just how bad our economy is out-of-control, and it’s not about price gouging…

Let’s talk basic economics and we will see just how messed up the entire economy really is.

First we’ll start with the immediate picture. Floods wreak enormous havoc on a micro and maro-economic level. Individually, there is loss of life and property. On the macro, well:

Zero Hedge is reporting this could be the most costly US storm ever:

Dr. Joel N. Myers, founder, president and chairman of AccuWeather, now believes Harvey could become the costliest natural disaster in US history, ultimately costing the US economy an eye-popping $190 billion in property damage and lost productivity once the “total destruction is completed.” Such an astronomical price tag would be more than the combined costs of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, he said.

Accuweather isn’t the only firm forecasting damages that’re much higher than the national average. Risk Management Solutions believes the total economic loss could be somewhere between $70 and $90 billion.




Secondly, let’s dive into the failed theoretical economics reaping real-world consequences brought on by the central planning between government and the central banks.

Even though nobody can be totally and completely prepared for such massive actual flooding of torrential rain, no matter how hard they try, the Fed, ESF and bullion banks think they can control the siphoned off flood of paper dollars they created, which is kept at bay, only by the shanty dam of their own making.

From a SD Interview with Rob Kirby:

Rob Kirby returns to Silver Doctors to discuss recent geopolitical tensions. He says we’re “redlining” right now, but markets are practically unaffected. The U.S. Treasury acting in conjunction with the Federal Reserve is manipulating the markets, Kirby says. Why are so many oblivious to this manipulation? “Most people are not going to complain about a stock market that is higher than it should be.”

But one market that is not manipulated is Bitcoin – and Bitcoin recently broke above $3000. “The cryptocurrencies are showing us what precious metals should be doing, and would be doing, if they were in a free market,” Kirby says.



Finally, let’s look at something everybody can relate to: A Case of Bottled Water.

There are reports all over of $99 cases of water:



Let’s look at one example from corporate retail giant Best Buy, including the attempted MSM cover-up:


and the cover-up:



Sure would be nice to see that “statement”. Regardless. The significance of the bottled water pricing demonstrates just how broken the entire US economy has become:

A $42.96 case of water is price gouging and requires an apology, even though it is just in a convenient shrunk wrapped carry-out case priced at the per-bottle price of $1.79, which is at the same time somehow not price gouging because that’s just Best Buy’s going rate for a single bottle of H2O.

We haven’t even gone down the path of Best Buy lying about their “mistake”. Now I’m not very smart, and I’m not a Best Buy employee, so I can’t attest to their training, procedures or protocols, but I do know it is kind of hard to type the per case price, print it it out on paper, put it in a fancy display acrylic stand, and set it on top of the water without anybody noticing. Surely nobody could have caught that “mistake” even in their best attempt, could they?

Even in the retail bottled water market, things are totally, completely, and utterly mis-priced…

And silver is clinging for dear life at $17.50. Hmmm….

And just a friendly reminder from that southern tropical paradise where they have given up counting paper all-together and just started weighing it: