NO, The Obama Foundation Didn’t Tweet About George Floyd 8 Days Before His Death

False Flag? More like giant NOTHINGBURGER! Come on alternative media, you can do better than this

(by Half Dollar) Well now, this is awkward.

Today, you may be reading this false flag alert:

Only, the Obama Foundation didn’t really Tweet about George Floyd’s death before it happened.

The alert was issued because of this Tweet:

The problem specifically, is that the image in question is that of George Floyd, which was Tweeted 8 days prior to George Floyd’s death.

Here’s the thing, which is also why Bitcoin is still a thing, amazingly (because Bitcoin Fanboys either are mentally deficient in math, money or technology): Whoever started this “Obama Tweeted about George Floyd 8 days before his death” DOES NOT understand technology.

Much in the same way people who say that “Lysol put coronavirus on their cans before the Covid-19 pandemic” don’t understand epidemiology.

Of which, I understand all four (math, money, technology, and epidemiology), although everybody knows ‘Ol Half Dollar ain’t no dang mathemetician.

But I digress.

In a nutshell, here’s what’s going on: In the May 17th Tweet, Twitter is simply (automatically) pulling the first static image from this Page:

Now, I’m no coder, much less a script kiddie, so don’t ask me to break it down to you at the smallest, most granular level, but I get the basic tech of it.

Again, it’s Twitter pulling a static image, nothing more, and nothing less in this instance.

Because, well lookie here:

There’s the image all the way from last Fall, even pre-pandemic!

If one scrolls down the Obama Foundation Twitter page far enough, it’s likely the image can be found even earlier than last Fall.

Much of this depends how long the “anguish-and-action” webpage has been live, and furthermore, if the Obama Foundation changes the static image at the top of that page, it will change the image featured in all of those Tweets that are pulling this image from this one specific location, or, depending on how much time has passed, it’s possible that no images get shown in these Tweets.

Furthermore, if you save the image, you can see the image name and stuff like that, but unfortunately, geo-tagging was turned off so it’s unclear exactly where or when the pic was taken, but when taken at face value, no pun intended, it seems reasonable it was taken in Chicago during the protests/riots:

Bottom line?

This whole “Obama Tweeted about George Floyd 8 days before his death” is a giant NOTHINGBURGER, and while there are surely a gazillion false flags and false flag hoaxes going on with the civil unrest, looting and riots that we have right now, this specific Obama Foundation Tweet is NOT one of them.