Victory For Draining The Swamp? Nikki Haley Resigns As Ambassador To The UN (See It Here)

President Trump has accepted Nikki Haley’s resignation. Here’s a live stream of the press conference from the Oval Office set to begin any moment…

We have the heads up:

And we’ve got a live video embed from CBSNews:

Nikki Haley, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, has resigned, CBS News’ Fin Gomez has confirmed, according to a senior administration source. President Trump has accepted her resignation, but he tweeted that a “big announcement” was coming at 10:30 a.m.

Recall that just a month ago, Nikki warned that if a chemical attack was unleashed in Syria, we will have known it was Assad who did it:

This is obviously a “drain the swamp” victory.

Nikki Haley is a swamp creature, a Deep State war mongering neocon extraordinaire.

The real questions, however, are what will she move on to doing, as in will she still have influence, and more importantly, who will replace her?

If it is a John Bolton type neocon, or a mirror image of a Nikki Haley, then nothing will have been gained.