Next Stimulus To Underwhelm? Has The Stock Market Priced-In Less Free Money From Uncle Joe?

Has the market priced-in what is, as of right now, less money going to exactly the people who would be gambling with it in the rigged casino?

(by Half Dollar) Here are a couple random things to think about this week.


Why is the MSM covering the “royal” family so much right now?

To me, it seems we’re at a point of transition from one crisis to the next, and obviously, everybody knows which crisis is coming to an end, so the real question becomes what crisis is next?

Superficially, it looks like we might be set to have an “immigration” crisis, perhaps, and a few things have happened lately that signal something is up.

First, there are the so-called “migrant caravans” making their way to the US border now, and the staging of “migrants” at the border continues, with 100,000 migrants “detained” at the border in the month of February alone.

I think the “caravans” are for show, and I think what’s really happening is that Deep State and Deep State Globalists are simply shipping these people, and I do mean literally taking people in ships, without GPS, of course, so that these ships cannot be tracked by citizen journalists or other curious individuals, around the coast and entering the border region through Tijuana, or San Diego, or somewhere like that, and then being staged at various border cities along the US-Mexico border, but that is speculation for another day.

Regardless, it is obvious that we’re building up for something at the border, even though it could be nipped in the bud if the money were simply followed, but that’s not all that signals the immigration “crisis” is what’s coming next.

On Friday, it was reported that the Biden Administration is opening up some immigrant shelters for children to maximum capacity, pandemic be danged, which is one clue that the MSM may be getting ready to move on from the pandemic being the dominant focal point of daily life and moving into a never ending series of crisis, false flags, false flag hoaxes and worse, beginning with some immigration crisis.

For our immediate concerns, why does an immigration crisis matter?

It matters for two reasons.

First, this is just another excuse for the Federal government to print, print and print some more, and even if we’re talking about 100% FEMA Concentration Camps for migrants on the dirt cheap, for whatever that means, it is still going to cost a lot of money to house, feed, cloth, provide social services, provide medical care, and provide much, much more, to millions of individuals who somehow think the best thing in life to do is to ask the US government for, well, for everything.

And I’m not exaggerating when I say “millions” of individuals either, especially if anywhere close to 100,000 migrants were detained in one single month!

Second, millions of migrants are going to require a whole heck of a lot of real things, especially food, and when the government is involved in the caretaking, which the Federal government will be totally, heavily involved in, the caretaking aways costs a gazillion times more to accomplish something than it otherwise would cost, so this is going to be very highly price inflationary when it comes to food prices as there will be millions upon millions upon millions of new mouths to feed on the Federal government’s dime, and this caretaking comes during a time in which we already feel the sting of rapidly rising food prices.

So is it just me, or does anybody else get the sense that, with the TV tabloid style reporting of the “news” lately, the MSM is about ready to shift gears?

Ionically enough, now we know why there is so much pressure to have a “Disinformation Czar”, or whatever the role will be called in some newly formed Federal Department that’s probably coming, along with myriad censorship, outright cancellation of people online, or whatever, and worse, because remember: Any, and I do mean any, false flag, or false flag hoax, can be picked apart by the real alternative media in less than 48 hours, and if it’s “back to business as usual”, and it kind of looks like it is with this latest Administration, then get ready for all sorts of nasty evil.


The mainstream media in general, and everybody’s favorite wannabe alternative media website specifically, would have everybody believe that every single dollar of “stimulus check” money is going into the stock market.

Most people own no stocks, however, and while there has been some influx of gamblers to the rigged casino, with the stimulus bill just passed by the Senate, which now goes back to the House for reconciliation, or whatever it’s called, because of the tighter income requirements for getting the free money from Uncle Joe, there will be less money for exactly the kind of people who would use that free money for gambling in the rigged casino.

That is to say, if somebody who makes $90,000 per year was planning on using the $1400 for gambling in the rigged casino, perhaps because the extra money is not really needed, well, the amount doled out to individuals begins phasing out above $75,000 of income per year, and anybody making above $80,000 of income per year will not be getting a check at all!

Here’s the question: Has the stock market “priced-in” what is, as of right now, less stimulus money from exactly the people who would be spending it in the stock market?

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, how does that even make sense if the markets are rigged as you always say they are?”.

It makes sense for the narrative: It’s all about maintaining the narrative to maintain the illusion of “markets”.

In other words, it seems to me that many people, especially people of lesser means who actually “need” the stimulus money, will not be gambling in the rigged casino this time around, if they ever even did to begin with, but rather, this time around, they will be stocking up on food and upgrading that cell phone, or buying a laptop, or buying some thing, with the keyword being “thing”, and the meaning being a good that is consumable at the very least, if not durable.

Inflation is, after all, the talk of the town:

Good thing Americans don’t like gas guzzlers!

Copper shows we’re at a critical juncture in the markets and the economy:

I’m not so sure the Fed and the Federal government are ready to embrace the rapidly rising inflation narrative just yet, however.

They’ve totally got a firm grasp on the “no inflation” narrative if we look to the gold “price”:

Just don’t expect the Fed or the Federal government to say that.

Much less expect them to say anything about silver, no matter the subject:

I expect silver to be subjected to this current beating for as long as the Cartel can keep it up.

To me, it looks like the Cartel not only can keep it up, but with gold unconscious and bleeding out, silver looks like a soft target at close range:

Why exactly would the Cartel not make sure silver catches-down to gold when it’s the very Cartel itself that paints the chars?

If the commodities and precious metals aren’t done correcting, then platinum is probably not done correcting either:

Platinum is still in the green, year-to-date, and platinum is interesting to watch right now because of its dual purpose industrial-precious characteristics.

Palladium shares the same characteristics as platinum:

It looks like we’re taking a trip down to the lower end of our sideways choppy channel.

All things considered, when we’re not looking at the NASDAQ, or the high flying tech stocks, the stock market crash has barely begun, if it has begun at all:

A falling stock market would motivate our “elected” “leaders” in Washington to revert to their original generosity when it comes to the next round of stimulus, wouldn’t it?

Some fear would also be motivating:

Both a stock market crash, and fear, can happen fast!

For now, the Fed is not worried about interest rates:

At what yield does the Fed begin to worry about rising interest rates?

We’re seeing the “strength” I’ve been expecting to see in the US dollar index:

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Thanks for reading,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart