PARADIGM SHIFT: This U.S. State Just Got An Investment 3X The Size Of The Energy Dept Budget

President Trump’s recent Asia trip scored a massive investment in this state. The MSM won’t cover it, but it represents the new paradigm. Here’s why…

by Harley Schlanger of LaRouche Pac

President Donald J. Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and Barron Trump participate in the National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning Ceremony | November 21, 2017

At Least One State Is Going To Be Transformed By It, But The New Paradigm Is Still Blacked Out In America

The President may pardon a turkey at Thanksgiving, but no one can pardon the turkeys of the U.S. media, who are denying Americans any knowledge of what their President encountered and accomplished in his summit meetings in Asia, and with President Putin of Russia.

China is spreading a new economic paradigm in the world, and with the trade and investment agreements President Trump struck there, the economy of at least one state — West Virginia — is going to be transformed for the better and for the long term. It is not giving away tax breaks and asset ownership, as states so often do when as desperate for economic progress as West Virginia is; and it is getting investments in power plants, energy and chemical production technologies, skilled employment — perhaps more than $80 billion over 20 years.

On West Virginia trade unionist said, “We really have no influence or power here, so that is interesting to me that he [trump] still kept his promise to us, something I suspect he will likely get little credit for in the national news.”

In fact, not only has President Trump gotten no coverage, but this investment — and the one which will probably save GE, and the others going into other U.S. states — are scarcely being mentioned in the media. An investment in West Virginia triple the size of the total budget of the U.S. Department of Energy is going unreported or scanted — for the most part even in West Virginia media.

The President’s Asia trip engaged him with the vast economic infrastructure initiatives coming from China, seconded by Russia and increasingly even in competition/collaboration with Japan. He has followed it by declaring his intention to remain fully engaged with Russian President Putin on Syria, North Korea, and the fight against terrorism in the Mideast as a whole.

President Trump is making clear that he intends to pursue reasonable great-power diplomacy no matter what the “Russiagators” say or do. America is the great gainer from this, as is the prospect of peace after an era of “perpetual war.” To quote Helga Zepp-LaRouche on this determination for better U.S.-Russia relations in particular, “This is promising, but not yet accomplished.”

The United States would gain more if the President joins in China’s Belt and Road Initiative of great infrastructure projects.

And far more if the United States adopts the economic transformation as a whole promised by Lyndon LaRouche’s “four laws to save the nation” — a crash program at last for fusion power and a return to the great enterprises of space exploration, just as much as a return to the Glass-Steagall Act.

Immediately, there is a blackout to be broken: Americans should know what the new paradigm is, that President Trump encountered in Asia — and what he is, so far, doing about it.