Negative Interest Rates Are Coming To The United States In January of 2021?

It’s game over for the banks. A rate lower than zero is FATAL…

(Silver Doctors Editors) It could be game over for US banks, and it could be game over a lot sooner than people expect.

Today, for the first time ever, the implied Fed Funds Rate is printing negative.

From Zero Hedge:

The market appears to have finally relented and moments ago the Bloomberg WIRP function showed something that has never happened before: the January 2021 implied rate is now a negative -0.02%…

What does a negative interest rate mean, aside from the obvious death sentence for banks? We have written thousands of articles (literally) why sliding into this monetary twilight zone – where both Japan and Europe already are to be found, frozen in monetary carbonite – means game over, but instead of recapping them all, we will give the final word to the bond king Jeff Gundlach himself, who conveniently summarized it best last night when he tweeted that a rate < 0 is “fatal”.