‘Neanderthals’ Take Place Of ‘Deplorables’: Biden(‘s Talking-Point Writers) Schooling The Neanderthals On Coronavirus, Science

“…last thing we need is…”

(by Half Dollar) I wrote about the developing circus side show political drama of the so-called “re-opening” earlier today, and this afternoon, we see the nation is tuning in, so the MSM Propagandists really can’t avoid it.

Although right now, instead of talking about the lockdowns and the shutdowns in general, and the government’s destruction of families, individuals, communities and small businesses specifically, from all levels of government, and especially from the top down, the talk is about the dang mask:

Does anybody else get the feeling that when Biden is talking and scanning the “press”, Biden’s actually looking at people holding up signs and prompts, signaling for him what to say next?


Probably nothing.

This mask thing, however, is something else.

Remember: Nobody would ever recommend wearing a condom with 1000 holes poked in it for the prevention of pregnancy or STDs, and as such, the “anything goes” masks are even less effective.

And no, don’t give me that crap about the size of the droplet.

And yes, I have worked under contract for the CDC, of course.

But I digress.

The important issue is not the “mask mandate”, but the “reopening” itself.

I wrote about that in a Midweek Market Report article this morning over at the best online gold & silver dealer’s website: Specifically, I wrote how the “reopening” is one of two fundamental forces that are about to influence the direction of the economy in the short-term.

In conclusion, Biden says “it’s critical, critical, critical, critical, that they follow the science”.

The problem is, the science has been totally corrupted, for evil, so the science can no longer be trusted, and certainly not trusted whenever it’s coming from our “elected” “leaders”.

In fact, if somebody rolls up on you from the government, hootin’ and hollerin’ something about “science”, the best thing to do is to run.