“Nationwide Food Shortage”: US School District Running Out Of Food, Admits To Food Shortages, Warns Of Return To Online Learning Due To Food Supply “Issues”!

What do you do when you can’t keep giving the kids their promised “free (breakfast and) lunch”? SPOILER ALERT: Tell them not to come…

(by Half Dollar) It’s not like we haven’t been sounding the alarm on these food price inflation issues.

Here’s some real talk from about a year ago:

Not that people payed attention, of course, with the whole World Wide Wrestlemania Festival thingy going on.

Yet here we are, and slipping under the radar, we see that one school district in Alabama is developing it’s plan to deal with the “Nationwide Food Shortage” (yellow highlight added for emphasis and commentary:

Apparently, virtual online learning does wonders for solving real-world hunger problems.

And yes, I am qualified to speak about hunger issues and poverty as I did run a homeless shelter and a soup kitchen for three-and-a-half years in North Carolina, not to mention the fact that I successfully started a grass-roots community food pantry.

But I digress.

Breakfast and lunch will still be free to all students in the district, sort of.

Granted, if the situation with the shortages and the supply chain disruptions was bad now, with the planned announcement coming from the Federal government later today regarding the you-know-what, the shortages and disruptions are about to get much worse.

And as a friendly reminder, this whole “free lunch” thing is not unique to one school district in the United States, but rather, it’s literally every single school district in the United States, including my own, which would be considered an “affluent” school district!


Competitive high school sports programs are expensive, you know!

Now, get ready for the kicker: This “free (breakfast and) lunch” for every school kid in America is going on until June of 2022.

Although if the Federal government’s take-over of our every waking moment has anything to do with it, that date will probably get extended.

And finally, on a side note, the USDA has “farms and schools” propaganda prominently displayed on it’s “Food and Nutrition Service” webpage, only, with uniformed US military saluting at attention as the featured image:

Probably nothing…