The federal government’s slow creep to martial law is now in a full-on sprint…

(by Half Dollar) Happy Sunday!

Horrible news.

First, on the various “checkpoints” that seem to be popping up everywhere.

Here’s some interesting reporting from everybody’s favorite wannabe “alternative” website regarding the ever-increasing restriction of movement in the United States (yellow highlight added for emphasis):

Everybody should stop and think about what that means.

The US Military is now fully engaged in local law enforcement.

Check out the military stance at this checkpoint:

Note: The marked-up picture above is from the same NYT’s article linked above, reportedly taken from one of the National Guard checkpoints (Rhode Island), and the picture is used in this article and as the featured image for educational and informational purposes only.

If you’re not happy about up-armored military vehicles with gun turrets used at checkpoints, just wait until they park one of those bad boys on your front yard and point Ma Deuce at your front door!

Speaking of doors, the National Guard is going door to door.


And what are they doing when they go door to door?

They’re hunting!

Seriously again.

For now they’re armed with a “clipboard”, or so we’re told.

Remember, we don’t really know the real truth because in response to Covid-19, the US government is planning on lying, deceiving, and confusing the public, among other things.

Regardless, from the New York Times on Saturday, March 28th (bold added for emphasis):

National Guard troops were trudging through resort towns with clipboards, knocking on doors. They were all hunting for fleeing New Yorkers and their telltale Empire State license plates.

That doesn’t sound like the National Guard taking meals to the elderly like we reported on in the early part of February, but it sounds like something else.

The timeline should not be underappreciated.

The US Military has been playing an integral role in all of this since the early part of February.

And just a friendly reminder, not even “local authorities” are necessarily considered “friendlies”, but rather, friendly forces are pretty much only federal government agencies/departments:

This is why during the Coronavirus Task Force press briefings, we’re always hearing phrases such as “whole of government” and “continuity of government”, and that’s also why Trump is nationalizing every single thing in the United States.

For now, the nationalization has begun in the areas of law enforcement, healthcare, and manufacturing, but it will soon be everything.

And just in case you didn’t know, as part of the US government’s Coronavirus response, foreign troops can not only be considered friendly, but can be used in support of the US Military’s operations:

Foreign troops will likely be the ones doing the dirty work, although they’ll probably put them in US military uniforms.