Musk Promises Powerless Tesla Supercharger Stations Will Run On Powerpacks And Solar In “Weeks”

What happens to everybody’s Teslas in a powerless state? Elon says what, although he said this over two years ago as well…

from Zero Hedge

We reported yesterday that up to 3 million Californians could lose power as a result of unprecedented blackouts by PG&E being put in place as safety measures.

We noted that in the face of hot, windy weather that raises the risk of wildfires, the company will shut down power for a portion of the state and undertake extensive inspections of its equipment before turning electricity back on, meaning outages could persist into next week.

More than 3 million people may be eventually affected, based on city estimates and the average household size. The economic impact may reach $2.6 billion.

And later in the day on Wednesday, this led us to ask a very simple question: what would happen to everybody’s Teslas in a powerless state? 


Apparently, customers were wondering the same thing. According to Bloomberg, EV owners were tweeting photos of their cars, which were advising them to “top off their batteries while they still could.”

The message from Tesla stated: