MSM Tries Return To Normalcy, It’ll Vanish As People On The Diamond Princess Cruise Ship Start Dying

SD Outlook: It’s just math, and the number of confirmed cases on the Diamond Princess is at 135, including 23 from the US…

It’s pretty clear the mainstream media wants a return to “normalcy”.

Here’s a screenshot from Reuters:


Back to work!

Normalcy for CNN means “Trump bashing”:

Oh, how cute.

And for Fox News, it means give ’em bread-n-circuses:

Fitting, as politics and Hollywood are one great big circus side show.

The MSM may be able to maintain some semblance of normalcy, but I don’t think it will even last through the morning.

The Wuhan Coronavirus is not done.

It’s only getting started, and the panic is really about to start kicking in.

How so?

Well, the news is being heavily suppressed and censored in most places, and especially news coming from China, but it is kind of hard to hide the news coming from the Carnival-owned cruise ship Diamond Princess.

It’s been docked, in quarantine, since February 3rd, and as of today, February 10th, there are now 135 confirmed cases from that ship:


The odds are that at least three people will die, even if the number holds at 135.

As the article linked above informs us, the confirmed-infected have been taken to the hospital for treatment, while the rest, that is, the passengers and crew, remain quarantined.

While a specific number is not given, it’s noteworthy there are more than 400 passengers from the United States.

Does anybody else get the feeling that people all around the world will start following the plight of that doomed cruise ship much in the same way that people follow the plight of miners during a mine collapse?

So yeah, people may be going into work all around the world today, with some back from “extended holidays”, and people in the developed world especially are trying to maintain some sense of normalcy, although I think the illusion is going to be shattered very soon, most likely today.

There is a lag, but it has been weeks now, so it seems logical that there will be an explosion of doubleplusungood news coming from the MSM.

So get ready for it.

Side note: Isn’t it odd that according to the Johns Hopkins tracker this morning, there is not one single confirmed Wuhan Coronavirus case anywhere in Africa or Latin America?

Screenshot from not long ago:

The public chaos and general pandemonium will really kick-in to high gear once the virus flares-up in hot spots outside of China where the online censorship isn’t so extreme.

Smart investors can still nearly buy 90 ounces of silver for one single ounce of gold:

Everything is moving closer and closer to a crash, such as the US bond market and the US stock market, and also the gold-to-silver ratio!

I do find it amazing that silver is still under $18 in 2020:

Chartists could make the case for an inverse head-n-shoulders pattern, but I think silver’s moves are going to blow-up even the fanciest of technical analysis, and I think it happens very soon.

Gold, after all, remains bid:

This is looking like the week we close above $1600.

Palladium continues to bang around $2200 and $2400:


We’re still seeing a nice struggle between the “industrial demand will plummet” bears and the “safe haven demand will rise” bulls.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, why do you keep saying palladium will catch a safe haven bid if you say only gold & silver are money?”.

Good question, and it has to do with the fact that palladium has all of the necessary requirements to be money, and therefore, as people look to move into safe havens, especially as they find out the “cryptos” are not the safe havens they once thought they were, well, as crypto was an “alternative safe haven”, albeit not apples for apples, to gold & silver, the “alternative safe haven” will simply be platinum and palladium.

And let’s not get it twisted: There’s room for more than just gold & silver, but I wouldn’t go past the four traditional precious metals.

Furthermore, with the gold-to-silver ratio where it is, all of my stacking dollars go to silver anyway.

Palladium, however, in my opinion, will not catch the safe haven bid until it’s clear that gold, silver and platinum have.

This is one of the reasons why the cartel is having a hard time making platinum look like just another commodity:

The cartel would love to paint a head-n-shoulders pattern on platinum, and they’re even working on the right shoulder as I type, but I don’t think they will be able to paint it.

Too much money is being printed-up and double-clicked into existence by governments and central banks around the world.

It will be interesting to see if copper’s double-bottom holds:

Regardless, Dr Copper clearly has come down with the infection.

Crude oil is still treading water above $50:

I think we will see some volatility in crude oil going forward as the market begins to see the additional ways, other than just a drop in net demand, that the coronavirus affects the oil market.

Check out that “dip”:

Dow 30,000 by Friday, or are they finally going to try to bring it down?

Watch the cruise ship, and watch volatility:

I just don’t see how the MSM will be able to maintain the sense of normalcy in the markets.

If all heck breaks loose this week, we’ll likely see a new low in yield on the 10-Year Note:

We could take out the 52-week low this week, and if we do that, the low from back in 2016 isn’t that far off.

A dollar that buys more just before the hyperinflation storm is, well, my kind of dollar:

Enjoy strength while it lasts, and buy what’s on sale (like silver), holders of dollars.

Bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful Monday in February?

The MSM’s trying to convey some sense of normalcy in the world.

The usual suspects are all back to their usual distractions.

Dozens of Americans are infected with coronavirus.

Are there 1,000 or 50,000+ deaths in China?

Are developed nations ready for this?

When rich countries freak-out?

Just as supplies run out?

It’s gonna get ugly.

Normal’s back?

Never was.

Nor will.


Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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