MSM Propagandists Get 3rd Excuse For Collapsing Brick-N-Mortar Holiday Retail Sales – The Weather

SD Outlook: Unless the propagandists change the narrative to “economic collapse”, there are at least three scapegoats for a crashing US economy…


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On Friday I said that it looked like Bloomberg flipped the switch.

The difference between Bloomberg’s 2018 Black Friday coverage and 2019’s is night and day.

Other mainstream rags, however, were still in full-on spin and apologist modes.

This week, I think we learn a lot about whether the entirety of the MSM propagandists have flipped the switch from the “booming” economy narrative to the “crashing” economy narrative.

Why is that?

Well, today is that other most important day for holiday retail sales, Cyber Monday, so we will get a chance to see how that narrative is spun early on, and the week culminates on Friday with the November BLS Employment Situation (a.k.a. jobs) Report.

All things considered, the MSM propagandists have three things on their side to spin the narrative towards a “booming” economy.

First, there is the “one less holiday shopping weekend” excuse due to Thanksgiving being on the very last possible date it could be this year.

Of course, this claim is mutually exclusive with the second thing the MSM propagandists will spew, something to the effect of “Black Friday sales were slow due to shoppers switching to online shopping”.

You see, nobody ever questions the MSM propagandists because the MSM propagandists don’t allow questions.

So yeah, that kind of idiocy flies.

However, if it were indeed true that holiday sales were switching to online sales, and some MSM propagandists such as Yahoo Finance correspondents even when as far as to say 100% of holiday shopping is now “online only”, then it wouldn’t really matter that there is one less post-Thanksgiving holiday shopping weekend this year.


Furthermore, I noticed the Black Friday ads coming in hard and heavy right around Halloween, and I noticed Cyber Monday ads before Black Friday even ended.


Finally, if the MSM propagandists are sticking with the “booming economy” narrative, the weather is always a convenient excuse as to why sales are so terrible.

Here we see the prep-work from everybody’s favorite wannabe alternative website:

But then again, if there is such a massive shift to online shopping, does the weather really even matter?

Furthermore, if the weather is poor, assuming a person has power and an internet connection, then couldn’t that mean even more time for holiday shopping?

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, why do you always call Zero Hedge a ‘wannabe’ alternative website?”.

Good question.

Because when you’re in the top 1,000 websites in the United States, you are not alternative.

You’re mainstream.

And, furthermore, when the sheeple think you’re alternative, such as many sheeple think Zero Hedge is, that means there can be a highly successful Trump 2020 guerrilla marketing campaign.

That’s why.

So this week, perhaps more important than the action in the charts is the action by the propagandists with respect to the mainstream narrative.

Bloomberg seems to have flipped.

The question is, will the rest of the MSM propagandists flip too, or will Bloomberg revert back to the “booming economy” narrative?

And how does Michael Bloomberg fit into all of this?

Tune-in to Silver Doctors Live today for the answer to that question, and a whole lot more.

If we’re going to see the spike in the gold-to-silver ratio, I think we see it this week:

I do like how we have some room to run and still maintain the downward trend, and once it becomes obvious to everybody that gold & silver have turned the corner, I think we break hard to the downside.

To me, gold still hasn’t reached “extremely oversold” conditions:

Is gold open interest really going to be extreme, which it has been for quite some time now, with RSI, however, ultimately only shrugging its shoulders and lazily letting out a “meh”?

I’m just not so sure.

Besides, the cartel has set-up silver for the bottom to drop out:

Is the cartel really not going to take advantage of the short-term, bearish “technical set-up”?

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, quit making your points with questions already, you’re a lousy philosopher!”.



Why do I even try when wiser words from greater men merit much psycho-cerebral meditation?

Platinum’s daily chart is set-up even uglier than silver’s chart:

Whereas silver is still treading water, barely, it looks like someone is about to toss platinum an anchor instead of a life-saver.

We’ll see.

Palladium, well, this:

Starting the month of December with a record high!

Crude oil has had some swings lately:

This is telling me we’re close to breaking-out or breaking-down from its allowable range.

I think it will be a break-out.

In part because I think copper has bottomed:

Although Friday’s candle does look like a “bearish engulfing” candle, which could spell weakness for the short-term, but at this point, I’m not looking for a trip back down to test the early September lows.

It will be interesting to see if the cartel paints a break-out fake-out on the VIX:

With all of the major US indexes hitting all-time record highs, and now with the Russell 2000 hitting all-time record highs, it really only comes down to a matter of the cartel’s timing.

It will be interesting to see if there is talk of a stock market “melt-up” this week:

Because sooner or later, the stock market has to catch-down to the reality on Main Street, less the sheeple are no longer sheeple, but rather, now they’re zombies.

If the metals have not bottomed, I’d look for a spike in yield on the 10-Year Note:

The technicals are supportive of a spike in yields, too!

The dollar is “bullishly” above its 50-day moving average to open December:

I do not think the dollar is moving higher, but there could be a ramp job in the DXY to help provide that one last good flushing in the metals before gold & silver begin their next legs higher.

What is the bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful Cyber Monday of 2019?

To anybody “out-and-about” this holiday shopping weekend, it is now obvious.

The parking lots at the usual places where I live were mostly empty.

The US economy looks to be rolling over hard and fast.

The question is how will this reality be spun?

If the propagandists say “booming”?

There is still a tiny bit of time.

If they say “crashing”?

Not much time.

To prepare.

At all.


Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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