More Covid-19 Trouble At The US Mint And The Royal Canadian Mint Shifts Production To Hand Sanitizer & Face Shields!

Good thing there are no other gold & silver supply chain disruptions taking place. Oh wait, there are…

(by Half Dollar) The cartel just can’t catch a break!

It’s about time the tide has turned, because in the end, it is impossible to suppress gold & silver prices forever.

And with the proliferation of ETF’s and other forms of highly termed-and-conditioned digital derivatives of gold & silver flooding the “market” as part of the means to the end goal of denying the people Freedom and Liberty through honest, Constitutional money, the suppression sure has gone on for quite a while during this latest iteration.

But it’s soon all coming to an end.

Thank God.

Today, I’m reporting on more nails in the cartel’s price suppression coffin – ongoing US Mint problems and an interesting development at the Royal Canadian Mint.

First, this pertains to what might I call “disruptions” at the US Mint (such as this one reported on March 30th).

From Bloomberg:

The clamor for retail investors to get hold of precious-metals coins is about to get more urgent.

The U.S. Mint said Wednesday it’s temporally halting production at its West Point facility in New York because of the risk to employees from the coronavirus. The site makes gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins which are sold through a network of distributors.

The shutdown comes as convulsive swings in financial markets spur a surge in demand among retail investors for precious metals as haven assets. Last month, the Mint said it sold out of American Eagle silver coins, while the gold coins it offers were snapped up in March at the fastest pace in over three years.

Uh, Bloomberg, the “clamor” for everybody to get out of hyper-inflating US dollars is about to get more urgent.

But I digress.

The clock is ticking, and two weeks have already passed since we first reported on the West Point Mint closure.

Interestingly, I was tipped off to this news first in an email, which unfortunately I can’t disclose to protect the source, but this is what I was told (from my reliable source):

The Mint will resume production once it’s prudent to do so.


Would that be May 1st, or some later date?

If shutting down the West Point Mint wasn’t problematic enough, the cartel has another pesky little problem on their hands.

Reporting is coming in that the Royal Canadian Mint has been continued to suspend production while re-purposing some equipment to make hand sanitizer and face shields.

From National Post:

On April 2, five employees from the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa left their homes in search of every bottle of hydrogen peroxide they could get their hands on.

Stopping at Walmart and Costco locations all around the capital, they found 44 litres of the chemical, which was enough for the Mint to move forward with something it hasn’t done since the Second World War: retool.

During the World Wars, while Canadians fought overseas, the Mint pumped out dial-sights, brackets of eyepieces for large guns and military medals.

Now in a new generational fight, the facility is producing hand sanitizer and face shields to battle COVID-19.

The unexpected idea sprouted from the mind of the Mint’s Research and Development (R&D) group towards the end of March. They, as most Canadians, saw that there was a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) in hospitals, clinics and testing sights around the country.

“When we heard there was a shortage of sanitizer for hospitals and the broader public sector, R&D looked at it and said, ‘We can do this.’ From that point on, it all snowballed,” said Scott Ingham, senior director of Ottawa Manufacturing for the Mint.

Since the middle of March, the federal institution has put its numismatic – or collectible – coin operations on pause. That freed up a lot of production capacity, ultimately making it possible to rethink how some of its equipment and material could be used to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

So the R&D and engineering teams took a look at possible recipes for hand sanitizers, and realized that one recipe published by the World Health Organization only requires three ingredients: isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and glycerol.

From a gold & silver bullion perspective, to me, the key phrase is “Since the middle of March”.

Finally, let’s add these ongoing mint problems in various countries to other indigestion-producing problems for the cartel:

  • Mines have shutdown From Mexico to South Africa.
  • Swiss refiners have shut down.
  • There are major global supply chain disruptions in general.

There’s very specific reason they say, “if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”.

The entire world is about to find out why.