Moment Of Truth Nears As Diamond Princess Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Death Toll Begins With 2

Reports are coming in that two people from the cruise ship Diamond Princess have died. Here are the details, and here’s why it matters…

(Silver Doctors Editors) It’s starting to get real.

Ten days ago we brought up this very issue:

At the time, there were 135 confirmed cases aboard.

Here’s what we wrote in that article (bold added for emphasis):

The odds are that at least three people will die, even if the number holds at 135.

As the article linked above informs us, the confirmed-infected have been taken to the hospital for treatment, while the rest, that is, the passengers and crew, remain quarantined.

While a specific number is not given, it’s noteworthy there are more than 400 passengers from the United States.

Does anybody else get the feeling that people all around the world will start following the plight of that doomed cruise ship much in the same way that people follow the plight of miners during a mine collapse?

So yeah, people may be going into work all around the world today, with some back from “extended holidays”, and people in the developed world especially are trying to maintain some sense of normalcy, although I think the illusion is going to be shattered very soon, most likely today.

There is a lag, but it has been weeks now, so it seems logical that there will be an explosion of doubleplusungood news coming from the MSM.

So get ready for it.

The situation has rapidly deteriorated since writing that article.

A quick look at the Johns Hopkins tracker has the number of infected from the cruise ship (and “others”) at 621:

It’s safe to say these first deaths are just the beginning.

Here are the details of the first two deaths, and, well, there’s just not much to report on.

From CNN:

Diamond Princess deaths: Two passengers from the formerly quarantined cruise ship have died of the coronavirus, Japan’s health ministry announced today.

Both passengers were in their 80s and had been in hospital in Japan, but no further information is known about them at this stage. A total of 626 cases of the coronavirus have been found onboard the ship.

Passengers depart cruise ship: Hundreds of passengers who have tested negative for the virus are due to leave the Diamond Princess today after two weeks in quarantine on board. Cruise goers from Canada and Israel will be among those allowed to leave Thursday.

Why does this matter?

The Diamond Princess is a clear example to the “markets” that Covid-19 is much more serious than governments, the MSM and others are making it out to be.

Up until now, they’ve been making Covid-19 to be a serious flu with minimal impact on the economy expected as central banks can simply swoop in to the rescue.

The problem is, it doesn’t work like that.

You can’t bail out a 100-Year Pandemic.

No matter what the stock market says.

If the pandemic threat is real, the negative economic consequences are really only getting started.