Steve Mnuchin: US Income Tax Filing Deadline Moved From April 15th To July 15th

The ex-Wall Street banker turned b-rate hollywood producer turned Treasury Secretary is scrambling to maintain the income tax system as it stands today!


Editor’s Note: During Friday’s Coronavirus Task Force press briefing, President Trump kept saying, over and over, repeatedly, things such as his administration “inherited an obsolete, broken, old system…we discarded that system”.

President Trump was referring to the testing system, which some would argue is still barely functional.

He was not referring to out tax system, which some would argue is even worse than the testing system Trump claims to have inherited.


(Silver Doctors Editors) No, our “leaders” in Washington aren’t working on abolishing the Fed or getting rid of the income tax.

They’re doing they’re best to keep the corrupt, fraudulent system in tact.

Case in point, President Trump’s ex-banker turned b-rate hollywood producer turned Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is giving Americans and lawful permanent residents, no matter where you live and earn money, because our government has reach like that, the amazing gift of being allowed to file their taxes on July 15th instead of April 15th.

Granted, this is for “federal” filing.

State and local income taxes (yes, some states even have local income taxes) may or may not have filing deadline extensions, and if they don’t, well then, you’d have to file the Federal tax return anyway to get those state and local income tax filings submitted on time.

From CNN:

(CNN)Americans will have an additional three months to file their taxes amid the coronavirus pandemic, the US treasury secretary said on Friday.

“We are moving Tax Day from April 15 to July 15,” Secretary Steven Mnuchin tweeted. “All taxpayers and businesses will have this additional time to file and make payments without interest or penalties.”
He said he was acting at President Donald Trump’s direction.
The White House had announced previously they were deferring tax payments for 90 days, but that Americans would still need to file by April 15.
Now, the deadline will be extended into the summer.
Mnuchin said Americans with refunds should still file now.