Small Businesses Get Loans That’ll Be Forgiven, American Families Get $3,000 Direct Deposit Check

The timeline for all of this direct fiscal stimulus? Ten to twelve weeks. Here it straight from Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin himself…

(Silver Doctors Editors) The printing press will need to kick-in to overtime for what’s coming down the pike.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin went on Fox News today to discuss the stimulus that’s in the works.

Some of what’s in the works are loans to small businesses that will be forgiven:

Perhaps not calling a spade a spade is the way to make it through this crisis, as well as with those $3,000 checks that will be sent out to families?

The $3,000 checks will be a “one time only” affair, but there are two other ways Americans can keep on basking in the free money:

Granted, if a person was never employed, he or she is not eligible for “unemployment”, much in the same way it is not possible for a non-existent employer to “retain” a person as an employee.

That said, don’t hold you’re breath waiting for the relief:

Because Steve says we need the money “now”, but in reality, the fastest our “leaders” will be able to muster in Washington is three months.