Mike Rivero Is Not Kidding When He Says “We May Be In WWIII BY CHRISTMAS”

After one year of President Trump, it’s starting to look like economic collapse or WWIII is on the horizon. Here’s why that is and what to do about it…

Mike Rivero interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

One year after Donald Trump’s historic election, are we better or worse off than we were under Obamacare, as far as risk to our families?


Founder of WhatReallyHappened.com, Mike Rivero, returns to Reluctant Preppers to give us a directional check-in on whether the first year of the Trump Presidency has left us safer or at elevated risk in many categories. Rivero weighs in on: economic risks, geopolitical risks, government “draining the swamp” vs. political corruption, and finally: lessons learned from a tumultuous summer of severe weather and its impact on ordinary families. Join us for a fast-paced ride, full of though-provoking points to share!

Economic risks – Government posts, Banking system, Debt, US Dollar, Stock markets, Employment

Government Corruption – Selling sovereign favors, Uranium, drugs

Geo-political risk – World-wide conflagration as a distraction

Puerto Rico Lessons on Preparedness – ATMs/Banks

Lethal & Severely Disruptive Weather Events: Increasing?