Mike Adams: 5 Reasons Why Trump Will Lose The 2020 Election (Or Win If This Happens Instead)

If Trump does nothing to stop the censorship, the tech giants will succeed in stealing the election, which will catalyze a civil war as…

by Mike Adams via Natural News

(Natural News) President Trump will lose the 2020 election if the five things covered here are allowed to continue. They include illegal immigration and widespread censorship of conservative voices by the tech giants. If Trump does nothing to stop the censorship, the tech giants will succeed in stealing the election, which will catalyze a civil war as pro-America patriots, fed up with all the cheating, fraud and hatred of the Left, activate the Second Amendment to defend their nation against the treasonous traitors at Google, Facebook, Twitter and other tech giants.

(Google has now joined forces with communist China and is openly engaged in treason against the United States of America. Trump must seek mass arrests of Google executives and charge them with treason.)

There are also five reasons why trump may win the election, and they include the radical Left going “full libtard” with their hatred of America, rampant Antifa violence and insane antics of Ilhan “Allahu Akbar” Omar, AOC and Rashida Tlaib, who is a completely unhinged mental patient who somehow managed to get elected to Congress when she should have been locked away in a padded room:

If Trump wins the election, the lunatic Left goes into full “violent revolution” mode, taking the streets to mass murder whites, Christians and Trump supporters — something now openly advocated by treasonous FBI deep state weasel James Comey.

The left-wing media — little more than a cabal of journo-terrorists who openly despise America and the American people — will celebrate the mass violence against conservatives, claiming they are “eliminating hate” and turning America into a “tolerant, inclusive” nation by any means necessary. (Including functioning as authoritarian thought police, which is what the radical Left has become.)

Civil war may be less than two years away

No matter who wins the election, civil war in America now seems inescapable, since Leftists have repeatedly proven they are incompatible with civil society and cannot participate in any fair, free election or process of democracy (such as free speech and open debates). Trying to teach a liberal to participate in a free, fair society is a lot like trying to teach a pigeon to play chess. It wastes your time and the pigeon craps all over the chess board while blaming you for making it mad.

With Leftists now ramping up their mass violence and violent rhetoric against whites, Christians and Trump supporters, it’s becoming increasingly apparent to anyone paying attention that the only way Leftists will ever be stopped from destroying this nation is if they are forced to stop. As I’ve said before, the American people will sooner or later have to stop the radical, lunatic Left (and the tech giants) in the same way we stopped the rise of the Third Reich: Declare war against the enemies of America, organize the effort to save America at the highest levels of government (i.e. the President), and start going to work, cleaning out the treasonous, America-hating scum that are currently infesting the halls of Congress, universities, state capitols and the so-called “news” media.

For America to survive, all deranged Leftists must be permanently removed from power. Many of them should be permanently banned from America altogether. If they want socialism, send ’em all to Venezuela and revoke their passports so they can’t come back and ruin America the way Democrats have already ruined nearly all liberal-run cities.

To really save America, it’s time for Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act and unleash the military police to arrest all the governors, mayors, Obama judges, tech company CEOs and journo-terrorists who are actively conspiring to carry out a coordinated, illegal coup against the United States of America via massive vote fraud, a land invasion of illegals and coordinated media lies backed by selective online censorship. You either defend America against its committed enemies, or you lose the country. And if Trump won’t rise to the defense of this nation, he will likely find himself imprisoned as Democrats take power and criminalize all political opposition.

Remember: Many of these Democrats are now demonstrating signs of extreme mental illness, and they function in a way that simply cannot be reconciled with rational human consciousness. Democrats are essentially mindless, hate-filled zombies who seek to destroy everything in sight. They absolutely will not stop their lies, fraud, election theft, fake news conspiracies, anti-America hatred and character attacks on patriots until someone makes them stop and removes them from power.

The real goal of Democrats is the complete destruction of all that is good

Oh yeah, and everything is racist to a left-wing zombie, including the air, the water, the sky and especially language. The city of Berkeley recently declared “manhole” to be a banned word, and Colorado State University has declared that uttering the word “America” on campus is a punishable offense. Yes, Leftists hate America, and they are willing to destroy America’s monuments, murals, history, language, economy, culture and borders in order to accomplish their real goal of absolute destruction of everything that is good. All Democrats fundamentally oppose abundance, self-reliance and individual accomplishment for the simple reason that they want everyone to be dependent on big government.

The more destruction can be unleashed across the U.S., the more Democrats succeed in their mission of crushing upward mobility and independent thinking. Their goal is absolute obedience underscored by permanent subservience. Democrats see themselves as the intellectual elite ruling over the impoverished masses, but to get there, they first have to create the impoverished masses by destroying every source of abundance, diversity or individualism.

The accelerating collapse of liberal cities like San Franshitsco, Los Angeles and Seattle is just the beginning. Democrats want to spread their destruction, filth and authoritarianism to all of America. They want you to live in destitution and dependency, where you are silenced and punished for believing there ever was a country called “America” at all.

No Democrat is truly happy until every last iota of human ingenuity and will is crushed and annihilated. Every person on the political Left, without exception, is an authoritarian monster who believes in censorship, speech police and thought control. If you question that, ask yourself this simple question: Who on the Left has spoken out against the tech giants de-platforming conservatives, Christians and Trump supporters? I can’t think of a single one. Without exception, authoritarian Leftists have forfeit any right whatsoever to participate in civil society. Now, We the People must revoke their authoritarianism and remove these monsters from power once and for all.

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