Michigan Is Turning Into A Powder Keg: Tensions Flare As Protesters Begin Fighting Each Other

It may be cold, wet and rainy in Michigan today, but the situation in the state’s capital is heating up…

(by Half Dollar) Michigan is heating up again.

In fact, “open-up protests”, for lack of a better term, have been going on for weeks in various states around the nation, such as this one in Pennsylvania in late April.

Of late, the protests have taken on a MAGA look, only with open-carry of rifles, pimped-out tacticool vests and sundry what-nots.

The protests in Michigan even turned into a confrontation between a militia and police, with the militia demanding the police stand down from enforcing shutdown orders at a barber shop.

Fast forward to today, and the protests continue.

It’s getting downright serious if not straight-up alarming, if we are to assume the US police state will not let a good crisis go to waste.

And if the government in general will not let a good crisis go to waste, the Deep State within the government is certainly weighing all options for doling out something that can’t be of any good.

Regardless, from Fox News:

Despite driving rain and a heavy police presence, hundreds of protestors once again descended on the steps of the Michigan Capitol Thursday morning to protest Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-at-home orders during the coronavirus pandemic.

The protest, which is one of many organized by the conservative activist group Michigan United for Liberty since early April, indicated that tensions over Whitmer’s lockdown orders were unlikely to subside anytime soon.

“Don’t do what she says,” said Erica Pettinaro, a co-founder of the group, which has sued Whitmer. “She doesn’t care about the Constitution of the United States of America.”

People held signs declaring “Every worker is essential,” “Make Michigan work again” and “Reopen schools,” along with others like “Free Flynn, Free MI,” “Let Me Go To Doggy Daycare,” “Open The Damn Salons,” and some arguing the use of face masks weakens the immune system. Numerous protestors were carrying assault weapons as well as anti-abortion signs and “Don’t Tread on Me Flags.”

It’s starting to get heated, which can be seen in this fight breaking-out:

More raw coverage:

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