Merry Christmas: Here’s Good Old Fashioned Holiday Bank Run

Looking for an icebreaker for a family or friend get together? Spend five minutes in this post together and open up the dialogue…

In 1946, oneĀ  of the most timeless Christmas movies was made: It’s A Wonderful Life

Sure, It’s not as funny as a “triple dog dare” from A Christmas Story, and it’s not as inspiring as 25,000 imported Italian twinkle lights from A Christmas Vacation, but It’s a Wonderful Life does feature a little nugget: A Bank Run.

A run on the bank is what happens when people lose confidence in the banking system and decide to pull their money out. We’ve covered bank runs many times. They are a key risk in the financial system that are the tell tale signs the system is failing. Bank runs are also one of the reasons there is such a push for the “cashless society

At any rate, here’s four minutes of a bank run, Hollywood style.

Just keep this in mind: Sure it’s fiction, but check out how “orderly” it really is.

Then ask yourself, “how would a bank run in the United States be nowadays”. “will a banking panic be orderly and polite as portrayed below”.

I don’t think so.

Merry Christmas!

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar



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